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Photo Show – The Majority World Photo Agency and The Guardian partner for Insider, Outsider? in London

Insider, Outsider? Photography that challenges perceptions of the developing world runs until 22 July at the Guardian Gallery in London. It is Majority World’s first UK exhibition featuring 17 emerging photographers from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

Photos above © Shadi Ghadirian and below © Farzana Hossen

“Whilst ‘insiders’ locally, many photographers from the developing world are ‘outsiders’ on the global image market, remaining under represented as storytellers about their own countries.

“Local photographers have an insider perspective that is unique, reflecting on and revealing previously untold stories around them – critical, thoughtful and intimate stories close to home. Their privileged access enables them to develop an intimate understanding of their subjects and theme.” Press release.

It’s also interesting to see that staged work by Shadi Ghadirian (image above with yellow rubber glove) is included in this show as her work will also be included in the upcoming show Light From the Middle East at the V&A, see previous Hotshoe Blog post. This raises the question of the types of work on show and I’m wondering whether Ghadirian’s work is the only work that is staged in this show, rather than coming from a documentary tradition.

Majority World Photo Agency supports these photographers by making their work visible, and by enabling them to earn money by selling globally. In so doing, it also contributes to a greater diversity of voices and viewpoints describing the developing world. The chairman is photographer, writer and human rights activist Shahidul Alam.

See over for a list of all the photographers included and a couple more images…

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Photo Show Naseeb: Trafficked by Sonal Kantaria opens at Next Level Projects London

© Sonal Kantaria, Asha, photo courtesy of the photographer

The Roaming Eye (tRE) has away from internet and wi-fi connections and has instead been experiencing just being, and waiting for serendipity to highlight work. While in Sri Lanka tRE attended a fantastic talk at the Colombo Art Biennale with Bangladeshi photographer, activist and curator Shahidul Alam in conversation with Sanjana Hattotuwa editor of Ground Views – an independent  citizen journalism website based in Sri Lanka. More of the talk in a later post, but tRE urges readers to  expand your horizons globally and take a look at the websites linked to above. Ground Views is a stellar example of citizen journalism at its best.

Back to the photo show. An email arrived from London regarding a photo show Naseeb: Trafficked by Sonal Kantaria about “forced prostitution and the trafficking of girls from India and Bangladesh”. On show are a series of 12 Polaroids, two of which are shown here, documenting “young Indian and Bangladeshi women who have been kidnapped, tricked or sold by their families into forced prostitution, later rescued or escaped and now currently living in protected accommodation in Mumbai.

“Naseeb means ‘fate’ or ‘luck’ in Hindi.

“The protective homes managed by the Rescue Foundation form the backdrop to Sonal Kantaria’s series of portraits, a short video work featuring the perspectives of those trafficked women, and a map piece illustrating some of the now well-known trafficking routes in South Asia. In doing so, the work brings into sharp focus the gender, economic and class disenfranchisement resulting in Indian and Bangladeshi women being forced into the flesh trade.” From the press release.

The show opened to the public yesterday at Next Level Projects in London and runs until 25 March. The Roaming Eye has yet to see the show but will go next week when back on UK soil.

Colombo Art Biennale 2012 Schedule of Talks and Conversations 15-19 February

Beware of the critic whose reputation depends on the power to impress the public with a semblance of knowledge, and the artist who attempts to do the same with skill and technical swagger. An artists’ perspective, see Gallery Talk 16 February Critique versus Criticism

This looks like a timely talk topic and one that’s sure to get us all thinking about our roles – as both critics/reviewers and art producers. It’s also important to challenge the taste makers and gatekeepers in the arts, especially those who like to dazzle and, sometimes, befuddle with language games and (apparent) knowledge. Also, to the artists who place technical virtuosity above all else.

As part of Hotshoe Blog supporting the Colombo Art Biennalee (CAB) 2012, the Roaming Eye (tRE) – who has been travelling off shore looking at all creatures great and small – is delighted to share the talks and conversations scheduled for the festival. It’s an exciting and interesting line up with international and local artists and curators contributing to a diverse range of topics. The schedule is still evolving, so keep checking in as relevant updates will be posted. However, The Roaming Eye will be at the biennale for the 18 and 19 February and will be reporting from the festival, talking to some of the photographers and visual artists and attending a couple of the talks on those days.

Of particular interest to readers of this blog is photojournalist, activist, writer and curator Dr Shahidul Alam from Bangladesh. The Roaming Eye hopes to do a short interview with him for the blog, so look out for it as a short podcast especially if you’re unfamiliar with his work.

It’s always good to discover new things and search for fresh perspectives – one of the hallmarks of Hotshoe and its tagline. But we’re also aware that it’s easy to say we do it but the proof is in actually getting out there and doing it – not just saying we do. Otherwise, we’re just blowing hot air. Plus, in an increasingly global world, a global approach is needed to stave of Eurocentrism and Northern-America bias in the photography and arts worlds.

See more for details of some of the scheduled talks.

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