The Red Dots – Les Rencontres Arles

Red dot copy

Red Dots, © Wendy Pye, July 2007

Who’s responsible for the red dots appearing daily next to the works nominated for the Discovery Prize 2009 at the Grande Halles Parc des Ateliers? Yesterday I counted five. I didn’t see any last year so it was a surprise and I asked the invigilators whether someone had bought the works. They were bemused as the work is not for sale. Later, after a phone call to HQ, it transpired I’d been duped. I’d recorded the titles and name of the artist for the five works which had been Red Dotted only to discover that this was happening on a daily basis and must be the work of an anonymous intervention artist/group/collective. Then I started to notice Red Dots everywhere…

Large red dot copy

charlie's angels red dot copy

Large Red Dots, © Wendy Pye, July 2007

Has anyone else seen any other suspicious Red Dots? Does anyone know who the Red Dotter is?


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