PHOTO FILES: On the fly – Audio interview with Ian Parry Award winner Maisie Crow

This blog will be featuring a series of short (under 10 mins) audio interviews – PHOTO FILES: On the fly – with photographers about recent projects. Imagine dropping in on a conversation between two people chatting; there are no pre-planned questions, the conversation takes its own course and neither party has prepared responses. The interviews are recorded on-the-fly with no editing.


© Maisie Crow, April's brother yells into her ear after she sat in his seat. April let it go on for a few moments before moving. Arguments like this occur in the house but there is often very little attention paid to them.

Note: In Crow’s project, all names have been changed to protect the subject.

The following interview took place on the 4 August 2009 at the opening of the Ian Parry 2009 Awards at Getty Images Gallery, London.

To hear the audio press the forward button, sit back and listen. The interview is just over 8 mins.


© Maisie Crow, 'It didn't hurt him,' said April after hanging her dog by its leash for a neighborhood friend. Studies show that victims of abuse often exhibit mistreatment of animals.


© Maisie Crow, April and an ex-boyfriend fight in the kitchen of her home after a petty disagreement was taken too far. Within an hour things went back to normal.


© Maisie Crow, April and her mother Lara smoke a cigarette in the front yard of their home in Wellston, OH. Following in the footsteps of her parents and grandparents, April is growing up poor and lives below the poverty line. According to her father, April's family of five lives off of $14,000 a year. In 2008 the federal poverty line for a family of five was $24,800.



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