Photo news – Saturday Extras

If you haven’t been able to get away this year on holiday, don’t despair, this Saturday’s round up of photo news is for armchair travellers and spans the globe taking in Athens, (Greece), London (UK) and Merida (Mexico). There’s a new Gagosian art gallery space, a list of the ten IPA finalists for the big prizes in three categories, and last but not least, for photographers researching or working on environmental issues, conservation or wilderness-related projects, there’s a symposium in central America.

The exhibition Shake It: An Instant History of the Polaroid celebrates the much-loved photographic form in many of its incarnations and applications, and coincides with its October expiry date. Promising “work by some of the most important artists working with the medium, the show will also include Polaroids from other diverse professions and disciplines such as forensics, archaeology, medicine, film making and fashion, as well as those of amateurs and enthusiasts”. Featured works include “David Hockney’s large composite Polaroid Nicholas Wilder Studying Picasso, Los Angeles (24th March 1982), which references the stylisation and methods of the cubists, Michael Snow’s play on the immediacy of the image, Authorization, and Guy Bourdin’s intimate, small-scale surreal visions”.

Also on show will be “portraits of Richard Hamilton who, since 1968, has invited artist friends including Warhol, Francis Bacon, Robert Rauschenberg and Man Ray to photograph him” and “Araki’s provocative kinbaku (Japanese bondage) pictures, as well as his suggestively sumptuous flower pictures”. Other artists included in Shake It: An Instant History of the Polaroid are Rut Blees Luxemburg – Tim Braden – Roe Ethridge – Walker Evans – André Kertész – Robert Mapplethorpe – Jonathan Monk -Lisa Oppenheim – Lucas Samaras – Juergen Teller – Andy Warhol – Wim Wenders.

The exhibition runs for just over two months, from 7 October – 13 December 2009 at the Pump House Gallery, London, so there’s plenty of time to catch it. If you’re in London, this show is one to put in the diary. The gallery holds six shows a year and provides a platform for “work by emerging and established contemporary artists, in both group and solo show, and educational projects involving the local community”. Free Admission.

Gagosian Gallery is opening a new space in Athens, Greece giving the contemporary art gallery a presence in nine locations worldwide, including New York, Beverly Hills, London, Rome, and Hong Kong. The 90-square-metre gallery has been designed by Michelle Ballard and “will be a showcase for artists represented by Gagosian Gallery as well as a platform of information for exhibitions on view in Gagosian Gallery’s other locations around the world”. (press release)

The International Photography Awards (IPA) has announced the finalists for 2009:

International Photographer of the Year, ($10,000 prize)
Andreas Smetana, Michael Schnabel, Achim Lippoth, Nadav Kander, Francois Robert, Kacper Kowalski, Céline Clanet, and Sue Flood

The Discovery of the Year, ($5,000 prize)
Rosanna Anson, Thomas Wissmann, Andy Spyra, Elliott Wilcox, James Knight-Smith, Alain Paris, and Alan Kupchick

Deeper Perspective Award, ($5,000 prize)
Rachel Papo, Christian Vium, Yann Gross, Lamia Abillama, Alberto Lizaralde, and Eugenia Maximova

WiLD SPEAK, a Conservation Communications symposium, will take place from 6 -13 November in Merida, Mexico. The symposium will be exploring ways “communications can have a greater impact in achieving conservation success” and there will be “a series of photography-related events, including exhibits, workshops, lectures and presentations by some of the world’s best conservation photographers” who will present and discuss their work and its contribution to conservation efforts. They will be joined by writers, filmmakers and conservation experts.

The symposium is organized and led by the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) – a consortium of 97 conservation photographers, and is being held during WILD9, the ninth World Wilderness Congress (WWC). The WWC is “the longest-running, public, international environmental forum… With over 30 years of conservation achievements, the WWC has become a high-profile global platform for debate, planning and action on wilderness-related issues”.


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