Photo show – Brighton Photo Fringe OPEN ’09 photographers selected

The names of the photographers who have been selected for the Brighton Photo Fringe OPEN ’09 photography exhibition this October, (an open-submission exhibition for photographic artists taking place as a prequel to next year’s biennial festival of photography, Brighton Photo Fringe) have been announced in an online magazine article in The Brighton Magazine. It appears that “over 400 photographers and lens-based artists nationally and internationally” submitted “around 4000 works of an exceptionally high standard”.

From the article, 29 photographers (four of whom are working as two-person collaborations) have been selected. They are:

Alexandra Wolkowicx & Jon Barraclough, Alice Evans, André Lichtenberg, André Penteado, Anthony Carr, Bénédite Topuz, Caleb Churchill, Carly Seller, Danny Corgan, David Plummer, Eleanor Cleasby, Evangelia Voutsaki, Heather Tait, Helen Green, Immo Klink, Jason Larkin, Jayne Taylor, Jenny Nordquist, Leslie Hakim-Dowek, Mike Whelan, Monica Fernandez, Ozzy Yorulmaz, Peter Ainsworth, Richard Rowland, Sophie Lewis & Emma Critchley, Wendy Pye, Yaron Lapid.

The show will be curated by “emerging curators” Chloe Hoare, Max Houghton and Yasmina Reggad with John Gill acting as mentor curator. It appears that the curators have “selected a body of work that not only asks to be looked at, but invites the spectator to consider the act of looking itself“. From Here will take place at Moore House, Brighton, UK from 17 October to 8 November 2009.

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