Press Photography: From Picture Desk to Page – Before It Gets Serious


Tattooed Parrotfish in a petshop in Xiamen in southeast China's Fujian province Friday Aug. 21, 2009. Chinese characters with fortunate meanings, or flowery patterns, are inscribed onto the fish scales, using a laser, to increase their value. The practice has been around since 2005 but hasn't gained in popularity among buyers. Photo via Newscom

Marvin Woodyatt reports from the Picture Desk:

Well, it has only just started to pick up again on the news desk in London after a seemingly endless period of silly, barrel-scraping stories. The summer (what summer?) is pretty much over and the big stories are beginning to role in again. There’s the MTV Video Music Awards, the Emmy Awards, The Toronto International Film Festival, Trade Union Congress (TUC) Conference, the US Open (golf) and the Liberal Democrats (UK) party conference, to name a few.  And what with the run up to the UK elections next year, which are reliable in providing a period of political photographic intensity, I thought it would be a good opportunity to squeeze in a few more silly stories that have caught my attention, before things really start to get serious…

We see the actor Colin Farrell getting infuriated by a snapper’s request to shun his sister from the frame, a school of tattooed fish, and a stilt race. So without further ado, here are a few images from the last couple of months that illustrate just how unusual and, quite frankly Mad Hatter-like, the calm before a storm can be in the world of Press Photography.


Parents who come to help their children registered into the Huazhong Normal University sleep in the gym in Wuhan in central China's Hubei province Monday Sept. 7, 2009. Some 6.29 million freshmen will start their college life in September in China, after a decade of a great leap forward in expanding universities.


Efe/Photoshot. All Rights Reserved.SANTIAGO DE CHILE (CHILE), 13/09/09.- Demonstrators fight the police during a protest commemorating the 36th anniversary of Augusto Pinochet's coup d'etat in Santiago de Chile, Chile, 13 September 2009. A commemorative rally organized by relatives of the victims of dictator Augusto Pinochet was disrupted by riots in the Chilean capital.


Xinhua/Photoshot. All Rights reserved. GUIYANG, Aug. 13, 2009 -- Athletes compete in the men's 100-meter stilt race in the 9th National Stilt Race and Trio-plank-shoes Race in Guiyang, capital of southwest China's Guizhou Province, Aug. 13, 2009. A total of 148 people took part in the two-day games in Guiyang. B960_140099_0001


Imago/Photoshot. All Rights Reserved. Cricket in the snow-friendly match between England and India on the Aletsch glacier 17.08.2009.


DPA/Photoshot. All Rights Reserved. Covered bodies displayed during an act of sex are pictured in the exhibition 'Body Worlds - A Matter of the Heart' by body preparateur von Hagens in Augsburg, Germany, 06 August 2009. The city of Augsburg prohibited the display of the bodies during sex. Von Hagens announced to take legal actions against the prohibition.

Colin Farrell

Admedia/Photoshot. All Rights Reserved. 13 September 2009 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Hollywood actor Colin Farrell was involved in a confrontation with photographer Joe Alvarez at the premiere of his new movie Triage. Farrell was posing with his sister and personal assistant Claudine when he angrily went after Alvarez, who, along with other photographers, had asked Farrell's sister to step away for a clear shot 'single' of Colin Farrell. Farrell shouted, pointed his finger and grabbed the photographer by the neck until he apologized. The Triage premiere was held at the Winter Garden Theatre during the 35th Annual Toronto International Film Festival.

So here’s to silliness and the beginnings of seriousness…

Marvin Woodyatt, September 23 2009


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