Photo thoughts: Duckrabbit on Dan Chung’s China video and Andrea Star Reese’s The Urban Cave

A quick one today to direct you to two interesting posts from Duckrabbit. Watch Dan Chung’s video piece about China’s 60th anniversary National Day and read Duckrabbit’s views The Guardian’s Dan Chung tells it his way, 2.1 million people agree, not me: “Think about what you are watching. Weapons of murder and oppression presented beautifully in slow motion, glamorized by the shallow depth of view of Chung’s cameras.”

What do you think?

Next: I am so glad to see that US photographer Andrea Star Reese is getting coverage for her project The Urban Cave. I first saw her work at the New York Photo Festival in May and have been in touch with her as I wanted to feature this project in HotShoe. However, there were some differences of opinion about her work (ideas for features for the magazine are batted back and forth and sometimes it’s a case of each of us championing bodies of work and photographers for inclusion and often not everyone agrees, which is as it should be). However, I really think this work deserves to be seen more widely.

So imagine how happy I was to see Duckrabbit’s post supporting Reese and her project The Urban Cave: “I so wanted to back a UK photographer for Magnum’s expression award but Andrea Star Reese’s work blew me away. I mean the world really doesn’t need another essay about homeless people in New York, right? Wrong.”

Check this work out.


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