Little People and the Street Art of Slinkachu

I do love miniature objects and was always fascinated by the 1966 film Fantastic Voyage in which a team of scientists, including Raquel Welch, are miniaturized and travel through the human body in a submarine via the bloodstream. In the book The Street Art of Slinkachu, (2008), which has an insightful foreword by author Will Self, the artist makes interventions through placing tiny figures in the street. The reduction in scale of the figures – something like 1/87th in size – combined with the scale of other street objects results in amusing and often bizarre scenarios. Looking at these little people and the miniature scale alters our perception of the ‘ordinary’ world.

However, if you’re too busy hurrying, you won’t see these figures, but, perhaps, if you look closely, you may just catch sight on one of these tiny treasures. And if you don’t chance upon one of these London Lilliputians, you can always enjoy the book of photos which gives a bird’s eye view of Slinkachu’s imaginative, ground-level happenings.


One response to “Little People and the Street Art of Slinkachu

  1. We publish the artwork for Slinkachu and welcome you to view his work in the gallery anytime. His work, including new releases “Glory” and “Spilt Milk”, can be viewed at Enjoy.

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