Angels over Prague 2000 – Happy Holidays to all Hot Blog readers

As promised, here’s my gift for Hot Blog visitors landing on this site over the holiday period. From now until the New Year, I’ll be posting some photographs from a series of photographs, Angel over Prague, 2000, taken in Prague, Czech Republic at the turn of the millennium.

Spray painted angel figures started appearing throughout Prague in December 1999. Day by day another angel would appear in random locations dotted throughout the city; on a wall near a tram stop in Namesti Republiky or Sparta-Praha football stadium, as well as on the path in Letna Park. These angels were conceived of as a street artist’s gift to the city with a new angel appearing in a different locations thanks to the night-time forays of the artist stealing out at night with a can of spray paint and his life-sized angel stencil. Sadly, the entire sequence of angels was never achieved as the artist was caught ‘in flagrante’ and his divinely-inspired plan was cut short by the Czech police, just as he reached Angel Number 18.

I met the artist in 2000, just after the New Year, and we spent an afternoon seeking out some of the remaining angels to preserve for posterity. Happy New Year 2010 to you all.

Photo © Miranda Gavin, Angel over Prague, 2000


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