Online marketing tool for photographers launched

“The past decade has seen a significant increase in the number of galleries exhibiting photography as well as photography being sold as art and in auction rooms around the world. The World Photography Collection facilitates this process internationally and enables galleries to source new images and photographers that they may have otherwise never met. The majority of photographers are one-man industries and as such do not have the time resource to establish partners across the World. The Collection serves as a global platform for them, assisting them by enabling them to have their portfolio of work viewed by galleries, collectors and buyers of photography worldwide.”
Scott Gray, Managing Director of the World Photography Organisation

The World Photography Organisation is at it again. This time to launch Collection – billed as an online resource for photographers and industry professionals. Basically, it’s a hub for photographers and a searchable directory for industry professionals. Collection is described as a global marketing tool which “enables photographers to promote their work to industry professionals worldwide” and allows “galleries to search for images for their next exhibition, collectors to browse the site to buy prints and help creative professionals hire photographers for commissions”.

Interestingly, this business model puts the financial burden on the photographer, not those who search the site for free. So it will be worth seeing how many photographers sign up and how it pans out. If you decide to join up, or know someone who does, please feel free to let me know so I can monitor the progress and effectiveness as a marketing tool. In theory, it should lead to more work, sales and leads for photographers.

The annual membership fee for photographers is £45. However, membership for creative professionals searching the site is free, and via registration.

A dedicated homepage to feature news of upcoming exhibitions and awards, and a portfolio with storage of up to 10GB. Industry professionals can “search for photographers by their name and location (country/ city) as well as their speciality of photography using the tags application”.

Collection does not take commission on assignment work organised through the site, or on prints sold.


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