Spread Some Love and take part in A Photo Student’s Appreciate a Photographer Week

© Miranda Gavin, Dead Roses, Christmas 2009

It may be wet, cold and January but there’s plenty of love in the photography world and it’s time to spread some more around.

I just came across a blog A Photo Student run by James Pomerantz and had to reply to his latest post Appreciate a Photographer Week. James has responded to a new report from Career Cast, Jobs Rated 2010: Ranking 200 Jobs from Best to Worst, by Andrew Strieber. There’s a ranking system for different jobs and points are accrued. As James points out, the job ‘photographer’ comes in at No 126 while ‘photojournalist’ is at No. 189 of 200.  The worst job, at No. 200, is reserved in this report for a Roustabout which is defined as someone who “performs routine physical labor and maintenance on oil rigs and pipelines, both on and off shore”.

When I started out on my photographic journey as a music-mad teen, it was mainly the work of photographers that I came across in newspaper weekend supplements and music papers who inspired me. I would tear out the portraits in New Musical Express or Melody Maker and plaster them on my wall. Album covers were also a great format for photography and I would choose my favourites to display.  At this time, Anton Corbijn, Brian Griffin, Penny Smith (fabulous photo of Paul Simenon from The Clash which was used for the London Calling album) grabbed my interest. Later, I came across Lee Miller, Tina Moddotti, (I was seeking out female role models in photography), Bill Brandt and the Surrealists – all of whom took me on wild visual journeys.

I have commented on the post and will spread some PHOTOGRAPHER LOVE this week. My dedication is to all those photographers and photojournalists who have inspired me and made me think, to the medium that gave me a creative outlet and to photography for leading me to where I am now…


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