Call for photo book entries to The European Publishers Award for Photography 2010

Now in its 17th year, The European Publishers Award for Photography is a major initiative to encourage the publication of contemporary photography and is open to photographers worldwide.

The competition requires “the submission of a substantial, completed and unpublished photographic book project” and presents a rare opportunity for a photographer to be published in each participating country in its language thanks to a collaboration between six European Publishers. Plus, the award ceremony is held in July during professional week of the annual French photo festival, Rencontres d’Arles. The six publishers are:

Actes Sud (France)

Apeiron Photos (Greece)

Dewi Lewis Publishing (United Kingdom)

Edition Braus (Germany)

Lunwerg Editores (Spain)

Peliti Associati (Italy).

The competition requires the submission of a substantial, completed and unpublished photographic book project. Material must be original and be presented as a book project. Work may be presented in one of the following forms: a) a book dummy plus up to three original prints or transparencies; b) a set of sequenced photocopies or inkjets plus up to three original prints or transparencies. Projects sent on CD will not be accepted.

Projects conceived as anthologies (rather than as clearly themed projects) are not acceptable. The photographer must hold the copyright in the work. Competitors may present the same project a maximum of twice.

The winning project will be published in book form in autumn 2010 simultaneously by each of the publishers in their own country and in their own language, “resulting in perhaps the most extensive cultural collaboration currently existing in Europe”.  The winner will be notified as soon as a decision has been made. The deliberations of the jury will not be disclosed to anyone, including entrants. A shortlist of six finalists will be announced.

Entries must be sent from 1 – 31 March 2010 with the application form and a signed copy of the rules.

More details below, if you:

An entry fee of 50 Euros (£40.00) is payable towards the cost of returning work. Submissions may only be posted from within Europe and will only be returned to a postal address in Europe. There will be no exception to this rule.

The 2010 Jury will consist of the six publishers, a representative of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG and a personality from the photography world. The publishers reserve the right to establish a pre-selection process prior to the final Jury.

Go to Dewi Lewis Publishing for further details, including Terms and Conditions and important details relating to royalty shares and percentages on retail price. The first print run will “be a minimum of 5,000 copies”.

Jacob Aue Sobol, I, Tokyo, winner 2008, photo courtesy the photographer and Dewi Lewis Publishing

Previous winners of The European Publishers Award are:

2009 – Klavdij Sluban

2008 – Jacob Aue Sobol

2007 – Paolo Pellegrin

2006 – Ambroise Tézenas

Lorenzo Castore

Harri Kallio

Haris Kakarouhas

Simon Norfolk

David Farrell

Dean Chapman

Alfons Alt

Jeff Mermelstein

Toni Catany

Bruce Gilden

Shanta Rao

Dario Mitidieri


3 responses to “Call for photo book entries to The European Publishers Award for Photography 2010

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  2. How can I make a fee on the award? I don’t know the count of APEIRON PHOTOS.

  3. Hi there, I contacted Dewi Lewis UK publisher re: your question. I hope this helps:
    If they are going to send their entry direct to Greece (to Apeiron) then they can just send a cheque made out to Apeiron – or they can send it as cash – or if they want to do it by a bank transfer then they should contact Apeiron for their details.

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