Irving Penn on show at the National Portrait Gallery London

“Daylight is the most delicious of the several kinds of light available to a photographer.”
Irving Penn

What a treat to see the new exhibition Irving Penn Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery, London. Now is not the time to go into further details as I am writing a review. However, there is no doubt in my mind that this elegant show has been curated with love and integrity by Associate Curator of Photographs, NPG, Magdalene Keaney. Note that you may need to book in advance as this is, “the first Irving Penn museum exhibition in the UK for 25 years” as well as “the largest ever UK exhibition dedicated to Penn’s portraiture” according to the press release.

In memory of the late photographer (he died in October last year, see Photographer Irving Penn dies, aged 92, from The Guardian newspaper), I offer you this further gem:

“I invite the subject to the camera. I begin to search for an attitude, and then begin to expose the film. I follow my plan through to what may be a dead end or to success… I have found that for me it is fatal to change directions radically in the middle of a sitting. I lose the subject.”
Irving Penn


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