Sony World Photography Awards 2010 shortlist announced

Orlando dos Santos, (Portugal), courtesy of Sony World Photography Awards 2010. Finalist: Professional Fashion

It’s all numbers where the Sony World Photography Awards 2010 is concerned. The judging committee has selected the shortlist from over 80,000 professional and amateur photography submissions submitted by 190 photographers from 48 countries. In fact, it seems that this appears to be one of the measures of a successful competition. For me, however, it is not the numbers that count but the quality of the content.

For now, here are the some of the names of the shortlisted finalists in a few of the categories across Professional and Amateur. For the full list, visit Sony World Photography Awards website. Given that it is February in London and it is dank, dark and wet, I have selected photos which have a feel-good factor, that is with lots of pink, pale blue and traces of sunshine. A quick congratulations to Edgar Martins (United Kingdom) who is a finalist for the second year running in Conceptual & Constructed. Martins curates the Crude Metaphors section in HotShoe magazine.

There are 12 categories within the three subject genres: Photojournalism and Documentary (Current Affairs, Sport, Contemporary Issues and Arts and Entertainment); Commercial (Advertising, Fashion and Music) and Fine Art (Portraiture, Conceptual and Constructed, Natural History, Landscape and Architecture).

Current affairs
Walter Astrada (Argentina)

Marcus Bleasdale (Norway)

Marco Bulgarelli (Italy)

Adam Dean (UK)

Fayaz Kabli (India)

Alfonso Moral (Spain)

Espen Rasmussen (Norway)

Brent Stirton (South Africa)

Robin Utrecht (Netherlands)

Veronique de Viguerie (France)

Munem Wasif (Bangladesh)

Contemporary issues
Tommaso Ausili (Italy)

Bieke Depoorter (Belgium)

Carlo Gianferro (Italy)

Kuba Kaminski (Poland)

Davide Monteleone (Italy)

George Osodi (Nigeria)

Xingkai Ouyang (China)

Lukasz Sokol (Poland)

Andy Spyra (Germany)

Marco Vernaschi (Italy)

© Palani Mohan, (Malaysia), photos courtesy of Sony World Photography Awards 2010, Finalist: Professional Arts & Entertainment

Martin Brent (United Kingdom)

Radek Burda (Czech Republic)

Peter Dench (United Kingdom)

Peter Franck (Germany)

Stuart Freeman (United Kingdom)

Kai-Uwe Gundlach (Germany)

Rip Hopkins (United Kingdom)

Tim Macpherson (United Kingdom)

Claire Rosen (United States)

Dmitry Rusak (Belarus)

Sonja de Sterke (Netherlands)

Jose Luis Cuevas (Mexico)

David Handley (United Kingdom)

Orlando dos Santos (Portugal)

Tom Seelbach (Germany)

Tommaso Bonaventura (Italy)

Ilenio Celoria (Italy)

Maohua Fei (China)

Rip Hopkins (United Kingdom)

Malcolm Hutcheson (United Kingdom)

Ozant Kamaci (Turkey)

Nelli Palomaki (Finland)

Magdalena Płaczkowska (Poland)

Jacek Swierczynski (Poland)

Piero Visconti (Italy)

Krystle Wright (Australia)

Conceptual and Constructed
Vladislav Danilov (Russian Federation)

Maohua Fei (China)

Stuart Hall (United Kingdom)

Janina Simone Kulcsar (Germany)

Edgar Martins (United Kingdom)

Martin Mascheski (Germany)

Spencer Murphy (United Kingdom)

Sebastian Platero (Spain)

Natalie Tkachuk (United Kingdom)

Renhui Zhao (Singapore)

There are nine categories: Architecture, Conceptual and Constructed, Documentary, Fashion, Landscape, Music, Natural History, Portraiture and Sport.

Richard Brocken (Netherlands)

Nour Eddine El Ghoumari (Morocco)

Pedro Letra (Portugal)

Jupp Michels (Germany)

Italo Morales (Venezuela)

Valérie Morignat (France)

Sandipan Mukherjee (India)

Somenath Mukhopadhyay (India)

Vadim Nardin (Belarus)

Ren Rox (United Kingdom)

Conceptual and Constructed
Anja Bührer (Germany)

Ana B Escobar (Spain)

Michael Lämmler (Germany)

Jake Lowe (Australia)

Gregoire A. Meyer (France)

Sergey Politkovskiy (Russian Federation)

Martin Stranka (Czech Republic)

Daniel Tückmantel (Germany)

Anastasia Baranova (Russian Federation)

Sven Dreesbach (Germany)

Elisabeth Harvey (Australia)

Tomek Jankowski (Poland)

Wing Kit Lo (Hong Kong)

Jelena Kostic (Serbia / Montenegro)

Kofi Paintsil (United Kingdom)

Ed Purnomo (Indonesia)

Dominik Śmiałowski (Poland)

Alex Chebotar (Russian Federation)

Sabrina Caramanico (Italy)

Bijoy Chowdhury (India)

Gerado Sabado (Philippines)

Vitali Seitz (Germany)

Elena Shevcova (Russian Federation)

Raoul Slater (Australia)

Wendy Smith (United Kingdom)

Karolina Zapolska (Poland)

Hongky Zein (Indonesia)

The Sony World Photographer of the Year, or L’Iris D’Or winner, receives $25,000, plus professional Sony camera equipment while the winning amateur photographer receives a $5,000 cash prize as well as Sony camera equipment. The 2010 winner of the L’Iris D’Or, will be announced as well as the finalists in each category on 22 April at the Sony World Photography Awards Ceremony in Cannes. The final presentation of the night will be in honour of the acclaimed photographer Eve Arnold, who is the recipient of this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

As to how the selection is whittled down for the judges, the press release states that, “the amateur entries were pre-selected by inspectors from iStockphoto, which were the official 2010 Pre-selection Committee, before being judged by the Honorary Judging Committee”, which raises the question as to who pre-selected the professional entries? Of the 80,000 entries, the shortlist images were selected from 37,617 professional and 43,745 amateur photography submissions.

© Kai-Uwe Gundlach, (Germany), photo courtesy of Sony World Photography Award 2010, Finalist: Professional Advertising


5 responses to “Sony World Photography Awards 2010 shortlist announced

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  3. Is it my eyes or did not a single North American merit this short list?

    • Hi, I have not posted the complete list, but will check the press release and let you know how many North Americans are on the list, give me an hour or so and I’ll do a count, miranda

  4. From what I can see looking at the full list, North Americans are in the minority. There are two shortlisted:
    Professional: Advertising – Clare Rosen (United States)
    Amateur: Architecture – Oleg Lugovskoy (United States)
    Some further details about the competition from the press release:
    “In selecting the shortlist, jury members are required to choose a minimum of 3 photographers with a maximum of 11 in each category

    Where photographers are named twice in one category, they have been shortlisted for two different images

    Professional photographers may enter a maximum of 10 images per category; amateur photographers may enter up to 3 per category”

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