Photographers, Photography and Blogs

As well as having a website many photographers also have blogs. The reasons for having a blog are numerous; you may want to share your thoughts on photography with like-minded people and pass on information and news. Then again, you may want to use a blogging platform to research and develop photographic ideas and engage with different audiences. Whatever your reasons, and they are not mutually exclusive, the following blogs are worth a peek:

Toby Smith Blog – Smith is working on a new body of work The Renewables Project to document the sustainable ‘alternatives’ available and is spending two months on-location to produce 12 large-scale images. “Living out of my van throughout the months of February and March, I hope to capture the dynamic Scottish landscape and wealth of renewables it has to offer,” he writes on his blog. His aim is also “to raise awareness and encourage discussion and debate amongst public and industry facing audiences.” To do this, Smith is documenting his working practice and is also running a social media campaign “to engage as many audiences as possible”.

Simon Roberts wrote a blog while on the road for We English which served as a document of his four-month trip around England. It also assisted in his research for the project as people could follow his journey via the blog and comment with suggestions for places and events to document.

Little Brown Mushroom Blog – where you can find photographer Alec Soth’s inspired postings – his archived blog can be found on the Blogroll pages on this site – as well as a comprehensive call of other photographers’ sites


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