Viewbook photostory weekly launches with World Press Photo runner up Francesco Giusti’s Sapeurs

© Francesco Guisti, Mabios de M'Paka dressed in Dakar, Democratic Republic of Congo - Pointe Noire

Viewbook has launched the first of its Photostoryweekly with Francesco Giusti’s SAPE which earned him first prize in the Documentary category of its online competition and second place in the World Press Photo Awards in Arts and Entertainment – Stories category. At the time, I commented on Hot Blog about photographers working on the same subject. Later,  Viewbook contacted me and asked if I would write a short text on Giusti’s project as well as get some background information on the Italian freelance photographer to accompany the photographs for the story on Giusti.

When I contacted Giusti he had just arrived in Haiti on assignment and hadn’t slept for 24 hours but he made the time to answer my questions and his responses make for interesting reading, especially considering that Daniele Tamagni’s series on the Sapeur is also getting significant coverage.


4 responses to “Viewbook photostory weekly launches with World Press Photo runner up Francesco Giusti’s Sapeurs

  1. It should be noted that Giusti wasn’t the first photographer to document the Sapeurs of Brazzavile … and likely he won’t be the last.

    Hector Mediavilla completed two projects some time ago with a documentary approach and latterly a portraiture emphasis more similar to Giusti.


  2. Yes, that is true. Actually, Giusti mentions Mediaville in the text to accompany the series at:
    Excerpt from the post:
    Giusti says. “I respect his (Daniele Tamagni’s) work on the SAPE as well as other photographers who previously worked on the same subject, like Héctor Mediavilla, or Baudouin Mouanda. Like the Sapeurs, every photographer has his own ‘style’. I guess mine is a ‘portrait-style’ and with these portraits I want to go on working on the SAPE. It doesn’t matter if some people get confused.”
    Thanks very much for these links. I want to explore these different approaches to the same subject further so please keep in touch, if you want. I did mention other people who have documented the Sapeurs in an earlier post on this blog and linked to a documentary from 2004.

  3. Thanks for the insight. I didn’t know about Photo Story Weekly.

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