Photo exhibition at Smokehouse Gallery opens and MADRIDFOTO beckons

Photography in its many guises shares some of its many surprises for this post. I’m off to MADRIDFOTO 2010 tomorrow to report on the international art fair and “Spain’s only art fair exclusively focused on international contemporary photography” which is taking place from May 12-16 at the Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid. I will be there for two days from Wednesday to Thursday, so expect daily posts covering the event.

Also, a photography show Between Two Truths which is held in a gallery space on the top floor of Forman’s – a fully operational business located on Fish Island in east London. “The chimneys for the smoker go through the space and can be seen in the photo below (just behind the bar),” curator Matthew Booth tells me.


© Beverley 2010, Smokehouse Gallery

© Beverley 2010, Smokehouse Gallery

The Smokehouse Gallery (inside H. Forman & Son’s) on Hackney Wick’s Fish Island has dedicated its third show to photography. Between Two Truths features photographs by Tim Soar, Roy Mehta, Emma Critchley, Stuart Bailes, Louise O’Kelly and Matthew Booth (curator).

Surprisingly, the Smokehouse Gallery website also has a step-by-step guide, presented as a photo essay, to help visitors find the gallery. Following the directions takes you on a culinary trail from Pudding Mill to Fish Island and is a bit like reading a menu in reverse order. Between Two Truths is open until 31 May.

The gallery space is the next surprise; the wall braces scissor across the space bathed in blue light and the window overlooks the Olympic games site. Works in the show reveal a concern with beauty and surface aesthetics, the allure of the image and photography’s ability to compress space, shift focus and record time within a frame.

Matthew Booth curator and contributing artist notes: “In thinking about photography, I think about the depiction of reality and its picture, the materiality of this picture and the context in which a viewer might encounter it. Beauty, intrigue, the illusory quality of the photographic image and the capacity to crystallise a time in light are, for me, the curatorial factors that bring these works together.”


One response to “Photo exhibition at Smokehouse Gallery opens and MADRIDFOTO beckons

  1. Stuart Bailes work will be showed at EDEL ASSANTI amongst others.

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