MADRIDFOTO catching the plane to Spain

© Miranda Gavin, Boarding the bus from the plane to the airport terminal in Madrid

Over the next two days I’ll be filing reports from MadridFoto fair. Expect a travelogue style field report from the Mediterranean capital.

I thought that I may not make it as some Spanish and Portuguese airports were closed due to the ash from the Icelandic volcano. Fortunately, however, it didn’t affect Madrid and I arrived courtesy of Air Europa.

Since the demise of the bookshop Borders in the UK, which was a key outlet for many independently published contemporary photo magazines, distribution has been challenging – especially as mainstream titles published by big media companies are quick to fill any gaps. So for this trip I took a box of magazines. Below, you may just be able to make out the box being loaded onto the plane as over-sized luggage – just between the suitcases.

© Miranda Gavin, The Box

© Miranda Gavin, The Plane

After a two hour flight, I arrive in Madrid and am met at the airport and taken to the Gran Hotel Velazquez where I am staying for this press trip which has been organised by MadridFoto and the Turismo Madrid.

Here’s a peek inside the room. I have two beds, a small sofa and a writing desk. Check out the material on the headboards and the wallpaper. Next to me on the writing desk there is a bottle of Rioja and two glasses, just waiting to be opened…

© Miranda Gavin, The bedroom

© Miranda Gavin, The bathroom

© Miranda Gavin, The sofa

© Miranda Gavin, The window view with curtains

© Miranda Gavin, The windown view without curtains

© Miranda Gavin, The Box of HotShoe International magazines


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