MADRIDFOTO 2010 pictures inside

© Miranda Gavin, Hermes Foundation giveaway bags in the interview room

The following post gives a glimpse inside the MADRIDFOTO fair on the day before the official opening when some galleries were still putting the finishing touches to their booths.

This stroll through the space is by no means comprehensive but one of the things I was interested in is the different ways that galleryists curate their spaces and how this affects visitors interaction with gallery owners and the space itself. Only one gallery painted its walls (red and grey) while the rest were white. Further, as my visual notebook/photostrip shows, one gallery took a less traditional approach and leaned two, large-scale photographic works up against the wall, while the majority were framed photographs arranged in groups. Captions were variously presented – handwritten in pencil on the wall, written in pen on a label and typed.

What’s more, some captions consisted solely of the name of the artist, meaning that I had to interact with the gallery owner to ask for further information such as about prices and editions, other captions contained key information including the type of print (silver gelatin, C-type digital), number in the edition and number of artist’s proofs. With just these few examples, you can see how much the number in an edition can vary from a Paul Strand edition of 250 to Adrian Duque editions of 5 with 3 artist’s proofs. The captions relate to the photographs directly above them.

All photos © Miranda Gavin. The galleries representing the artists whose work is shown are: Adriana Duque (Galeria Horrach Moya,, Palma, Majorca); Doug DuBois, Paul Strand, Jock Sturgess and William Christenberry (Aperture Gallery, New York); Huang Xu and German Peraire (Galeria Tagomago, Barcelona) and Francesca Woodman (La Fabrica Galeria, Madrid).

MADRIDFOTO is open until 21.00 tonight and tomorrow from 11.00-20.00 hours. Cost is €15 at the box office, €13 in advance from and €11 for students and unemployed. I did wonder about the student price point and how it sits in comparison to the cost of living in Madrid –  it does seem a little high to me.

Tomorrow I will reflect on some of the work I saw and events I attended, including an exhibition of work by a Spanish photographer Diego Gonzales Ragel (born in Jerez,southern Spain and lived and worked in Madrid) at the Museo de la Cuidad which has been curated by his granddaughter who discovered the photographs in his archive. Works by Ragel can be seen by following the link to a series of flickr pags showing his work.


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