MADRIDFOTO 2010 – Another day in Pictures – Day 2

© Miranda Gavin, MadridFoto 2010 itinerary

The last week has been flat out, so today is catch up time. For tonight (and it’s a balmy one in London), here is my last picture post from MadridFoto and it’s the White Space Gallery (Contemporary Art and Photography) in close up.

The international press, made up of two reporters from Portugal, one from France and one from UK (me), followed the VIP itinerary which included a visit to the Museo de la Ciudad Madrid (City Museum, below), where the Ragel (Diego Gonzales Ragel) exhibition was on show, and a trip that night to see some Cartier-Bresson prints due to be auctioned.

© Miranda Gavin, Museo de la Ciudad Madrid entrance

I’ll recap on the aftermath of MadridFoto later in the week as I am waiting on some post-fair information. For now, photos from the upper level where there was one row of gallery stands and where I had a chat with Anya Stonelake from White Space Gallery where work from, amongst others, Andrei Tarkovsky, Rimaldas Viksraitis, Antanas Sutkus, Jose Luis Cortez, Sergey Bratkov, and Olga Chernysheva, were for sale.

Above: Anya Stonelake talks about the work of Lithuanian photographer Rimaldas Viksraitis. All photos © Miranda Gavin, MadridFoto 2010.


3 responses to “MADRIDFOTO 2010 – Another day in Pictures – Day 2

  1. Looks like a desert. Few visitors in Madridphoto or you was alone ?

    • Hi there,

      No, there were visitors on the first day, but the space is huge and it absorbs people very quickly. I have requested visitor numbers etc from the fair so we can take a look at them.

      To be fair (on the fair) I visited the day before it opened to the public (the first sets of photos) and then on the second day when I took this set of photos, it was only the first day that MadridFoto was officially opened to the public – the doors had only just opened. So it is not representative of the fair over its duration as I had to return to London before the weekend of the fair. Will fill you in more later in the week, thanks Miranda

  2. Thanks 🙂
    Nevertheless, i think it would be better for this fair to take place during PhotoEspaña (and better for me because i will go to PhotoEspaña this summer 😉

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