Photo news Self Publish, Be Happy weekend showcases photobooks in London

Photo courtesy The Photographers' Gallery and Self Publish, Be Happy

Look out for the Self Publish, Be Happy Weekend taking place on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 June in London at The Photographers’ Gallery. The free event showcases contemporary DIY photo books selected by curator and founder of Self Publish, Be Happy, Bruno Ceschel by both emerging and established artists, from obscure zines xeroxed in student bedrooms to traditionally printed photo books, and promises to give “art book lovers the opportunity to discuss, admire and be inspired by publications originating from around the world”.

Ceschel has picked his fifty favourite, recently self-published books featuring work by: Maxwell Anderson; Morten Andersen; Gerry Badger; Tim Barber; Alexander Binder; Lucas Blalock; Ricardo Cases; Luis Castelo; Joshua Deaner; Charlotte Dumas; Jeremie Egry & Nicolas Poillot; Jason Evans; Sam Falls; Gary Fogelson; Stephen Gill; Sebastien Girard; Terence Hannum; Takiura Hideo; Derek Henderson; Asa Johannesson; Erik Kessels; Alexandra Klein; Sjoerd Knibbeler; Marten Lange; Shane Lavalette; Alastair Levy; Jeff Luker; Aubrey Mayer; Heather McDonough; Alex McTigue; Sophie Morner; Lester B. Morrison; Adam Murray & Robert Parkinson; Asher Penn; Karol Radziszewski; Richard Renaldi; Japp Scheeren; Lina Scheynius; Joachim Schmid; David Schoerner; Anne Schwalbe; Victor Sira; Alec Soth; Morten Spaberg; Esther Teichmann; Katrina Umber; Erik Van Der Wejjde; Jan Von Holleben; Patrick Waugh; Grant Willing; and Ofer Wolberger.

A selection of the books will be for sale and visitors will also be able to meet the authors/publishers in the gallery’s first floor café and the bookshop at book signings throughout the weekend.

A limited edition catalogue of only 200 has also been produced for the event with photographs by Nik Adam, Peter Haynes and Åsa Johannesson and will be available, exclusively, at the gallery bookshop on the weekend.

The event is has been organised in collaboration with The Photographers’ Gallery. Self Publish, Be Happy was founded by Ceschel in 2010 with the aim “to celebrate and promote self published photo books through events, such as fairs, exhibitions and conferences, books and online” and also “organises workshops to help photographers make and publish their own books”.


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