Ian Parry Scholarship 2010 and Photoworks photography bursary calls for entries

© Maisie Crow: April watches a fight take place down the street from her home. She stayed behind the fence because she is on probation after burning down a building.

The deadlines for two competitions/bursaries are fast approaching. The British School at Rome and Photoworks are offering a residency in photography and lens-based media from April to June 2011 with a deadline in two weeks of 14 June, while you have just over a month to submit work to the Ian Parry Scholarship for photojournalists which has a deadline of Friday 2 July. The competition is open to all nationalities and doesn’t cost to enter, but you need to be under 24 or a full time photography student.

Ian Parry Scholarship 2009 winner © Maisie Crow: April peers out of her bedroom window shortly after dusk and watches other children in the neighborhood play in a nearby ball field.

For more details on both including links to previous winners’ work…

“The Ian Parry Scholarship is designed to award young photojournalists with a bursary that will enable them to undertake a chosen project and raise their profile in the international photographic community. The Scholarship is aimed at traditional or contemporary photojournalism and photographers with strong story telling capabilities. Ian Parry was a photojournalist who died whilst on assignment for the Sunday Times during the Romanian revolution in 1989. He was just 24 years old. The Scholarship was set up by Aidan Sullivan and Ian’s friends and family in order to build something positive from such a tragic death.”

Last year’s winner was Maisie Crow, see previous Hot Blog post with audio interview. With Highly Commended: Ed Ou, see Ou’s website Adventures with Light; Commended: Carl Kiilsgaard; Commended: Adam Lau; and Commended: Saikat Mojumder. (2009).

A digital portfolio of 12 images to its FTP following the guidelines, plus an application form and a brief synopsis of a project you would undertake if you won the award. It needs to be original and well researched and you should include a budget and references. This is an important element, which will be considered by the judges. All applications are digital. FTP instructions and application forms are available from the Ian Parry website.

Photographers on full time photographic courses or who are 24 years or under.

£3,000 towards an assignment, a commission for Save The Children plus £500 for runners up.The Sunday Times Magazine, will publish an extended feature of all the finalist’s work and World Press Photo who will automatically accept the winner onto their final list of nominees for the Joop Swart Masterclass in Amsterdam. Print exhibition in London at the Getty Images Gallery. The exhibition will run for one week from the 18 August 2010.

This is the second in a new programme of photographic fellowships offered by the British School at Rome. The British School at Rome and Photoworks invite applications for a Senior Research Fellowship in photography and lens-based media for April to June 2011.

The first fellowship was awarded in 2009 to David Spero. Previous resident artists working in photography and lens-based media have included: Richard Billingham, (see BBC’s Genius of Light), Fiona Crisp, Toby Glanville, Brighid Lowe, Sophy Rickett, (see Frieze article by Izi Glover), and Susan Trangmar.

The Fellowship offers full board and accommodation in a residential studio at the British School, as well as a research grant of £1000 per month and travel expenses. The Photoworks Fellowship is supported by Arts Council England.

The Fellowship is open to British nationals and residents. The residency is for an experienced, mid-career photographer or media artist to spend three months in Rome. The Fellowship is designed primarily as a research opportunity, although the Fellow would be expected to submit a report of their achievements over the three months.

Proposals should outline how this particular context would benefit the applicant’s research. For an application visit the British School at Rome (BSR) see http://www.bsr.ac.uk; email bsr@britac.ac.uk or contact The Registrar, The British School at Rome, The British Academy, 10 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AH.

14 June


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  5. hi, im a 2nd yr photography student in South Africa and would like to be notified of other bursaries as i came across the Ian Parry bursary too late.

    kind regards

    • Hi there, I try and get news out as quickly as I can, so keep checking in.
      Sorry that you found out too late, perhaps next year? I will post again once the competition details are announced. Tnx Miranda

  6. I am a young South African photographer. Whilst reseraching photographic bursaries etc, I came across this site and this looks exciting. Please notify me of any future photographic bursaries in any location in the world. I have wonderful community benefitting concepts which I would like to pursue in the near future. Any info or advice on whom to approach for a photographic bursary would be appreciated. Thank you

  7. Matlhodi Madibana

    Wow, truley perhaps my prayers have been answered, as i am typing this email, I am on the brink of a financial breakdown. I am a 3rd year photography student enrolled at the Vaal University of Technology, my home is in a small city called Polokwane in the Limpopo Province in South Africa, my parents are both teachers and are struggling to pay for my school fees. Tey support and provide for 4 children including myself. I would really like to enter cause I know i Have what it takes to become the best young female photographer. Please do tell me how to enter, and how to get myself a bursary. Thank you for your time please dont hesitate to contact me at any time. Sites like these are really appreciated by students , ounce again THANK YOU.
    yours sincererly: Matlhodi Madibana

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