Voies Off Prize Arles 2010 and nightly screenings results by the end of the week

For anyone who is waiting to hear from the Voies Off festival in Arles regarding submissions for the evening screenings and its award, Hot Blog has some news. The following email was kindly forwarded to me this morning from a photographer contacting Voies Off about the selection process and results.

Every year over sixty candidates are selected for the programme of the night-projections. See earlier post about Voies Off. The schedule was as follows: April 2010 – The result of the jury’s selection for the 2010 festival announced and July 2010 – The winning portfolio announced.

“Dear XXX
I was hoping you could send me a list of photographers selected for the projections this year at Arles. I submitted images for this year and was informed on your website that emails would be sent in April, however, I did not receive any correspondence as promised.”

“Dear  XXX
We are sorry for the delay. Since yesterday the selection is finalized, so you can expect the results by email this week.
Best regards, XXX”

So there you have it, should be coming soon…


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