European photographers win two PHotoEspana 2010 photo prizes

Twilight 11. Mixed photographic technique. 140 x 200 cm. Courtesy of the artist.

© Copyright Carlos Irijalba, Twilight 11. Mixed photographic technique. 140 x 200 cm. Courtesy of the artist.

Carlos Irijalba from Pamplona Spain receives the Room Mate Hotels Revelation Award PHotoEspaña 2010 for “his work, the performance process he does before shooting and the forceful result of his pictures”.

The prize “recognises the oeuvre of a Spanish photographer under age 35 whose work or publication has stood out during the previous year. Irijalba receives €8,000 euros for the acquisition of works.

© Carlos Irijalba, Outside comes first VII, 2007. 125 x 155 cm. Mixed photographic technique. Cromogenic printing. Courtesy of the artist.

From Irijalba’s website: Twilight: A Shot in the Dark, “studies the way in which western culture constructs reality through artificial light. The photographs and video in this project document the displacement of the total amount of light from a stadium floodlight tower, a space that is hyper-defined by, and built for, spectacle whose descriptive lighting presents the subject of its attention as the only one that exists. That amount of light was transferred to one of Europe’s last rainforests, creating as a replica – a redefinition of the real as visible, employing the language proper to spectacle. The last place is the place itself”.

The jury was Enrique Sarasola, Room Mate Hotels president; Joaquín Ivars, Art and design area director of Universidad Europea de Madrid; and Carlos Sanva, photographer and the winner of the same prize in PHotoEspaña 2009. Previous winners are Carlos Sanva, Germán Gómez, NOPHOTO, Bleda & Rosa, Joan Morey, Lucía Arjona, Paco Gómez, Carmela García, Isabel Flores, David Jiménez and Xavier Rivas.

© Carlos Irijalba Switch off all devices IV, 2006. 125 x 155 cm. Courtesy of the artist.


Christopher in his bedroom the first day that we met he performed some of his favorites hip hop songs. © Giuseppe Moccia

Christopher in his bedroom the first day that we met he performed some of his favorites hip hop songs. © Giuseppe Moccia

PHotoEspaña and OjodePez Magazine have award the series The Wednesday Kid by the Italian photographer Giuseppe Moccia the Human Values Award, with which “they recognize a work of documentary photography that should emphasize the values of solidarity, ethics, justice or effort”.
“The winning work approaches the life of Christopher, a 18-year-old young boy with Down Syndrome. This circumstance positions him at the crossroads of two very different realities. On the one hand, he is able to communicate effectively both verbally and physically. But on the other hand he lacks some of the critical adaptive skills such as self-care, home living and functional academics, daily living skills needed to live, work and play in society. The story of Christopher talks about misunderstanding and vulnerability.”

Moccia’s wins 6.000 euros, a solo exhibition and the publication of his portfolio in the Autumn issue of OjodePez Magazine.

The jury were Alejandro Castellanos, México DF Image Center director; Dewi Lewis, Dewi Lewis Publishing director; Karol Hordziej, Photomonth curator, from Cracovia; and Arianna Rinaldo, OjodePez director “who consider that the series shows a big complicity and intense proximity with Christopher. The series talks about the social inclusion; it doesn´t emphasized the negative and neither doesn’t falsify the positive points of Christopher reality”.


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