Photographer Brian Griffin shoots Rencontres Arles 2010 group portrait – Day 6

© Brian Griffin, Arles 2010. Photo courtesy of the photographer.

There is a tradition at Rencontres Arles where a photograph is taken every year of the festival team as well as those involved in curating and selecting work for the shows. I don’t believe this took place last year but for 2010 and the Year of the Pink Rhino, photographer Brian Griffin was asked to create the group portrait. Griffin, pictured below, will be featured in the next issue of HotShoe (Oct/Nov).

The final image is somewhere (where I don’t know) but the one I have posted above is courtesy of Griffin who sent it to me after the shoot. I am in the bottom right-hand corner of the frame where I was helping to stop the traffic as it sped past the bridge.

At one point, three Tour de France style cyclists went past. “It’s like a Jacques Tati film,” shouted Griffin as the trio pulled up in the middle of the road to see what was going on, unaware that they were in the frame.

Till Monday and a return to some semblance of normality, I leave you with some snippets I grabbed during the morning shoot.

The following photographs show the lead up to the shoot and the organisation that was required to get 70+ people “draped” (Griffin’s phrase) around the remains of the Roman bridge. Architecture and Griffin have a strong connection and it was fun to watch the portrait unfurl.

More photos from the shoot follow, including the late arrival of Olga Sviblova from the Moscow House of Photography.

All photos, except the first, © Miranda Gavin.


One response to “Photographer Brian Griffin shoots Rencontres Arles 2010 group portrait – Day 6

  1. Bonjour Miranda,
    Great photos, shame you did not put the one with the English breakfast!
    Will be in Brighton from Oct 1st to 3rd; hope to see you there.
    Will go to perpignan this w.e. to see the photo shows.
    Hope you are well

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