Brighton Photo Biennial curator Martin Parr video from the press tour and some photo fringe encounters

A few pix from last week’s visit to the photo festival in Brighton where I chanced upon a novel approach to exhibiting using garage doors to create spy holes, a Matchbox Gallery (an organisation that assists photographers in promoting their work to galleries, publishers and the imaging industry) box hidden behind a door which had been photographed earlier and then circulated via twitter for someone to find using the GPS tags on the photo, and one final pic my return to London in the rain.

A quick thought, I have noticed a strong showing of night photography during this festival, not only in Alex Bamford‘s work seen through the peephole, but also in Wendy Pye and Ellie Davies’ bodies of work, see previous post, as well as the wonderful work by Alejandro Chaskielber and Esteban Pastorino Diaz  featured in Parr’s, A Night in Argentina show.

Alejandro Chaskielberg and some of his work

The short film snippet I shot and edited together, all very rough as I was hand holding the iPhone and it registers the slightest movement. Those in the know have braces/supports to help keep the camera steady. The following podcast features Parr showing us around Alec Soth’s show, the co-director of Fabrica talking about converting the space and a quick glimpse of A Night in Argentina. The video is 6 mins long.


One response to “Brighton Photo Biennial curator Martin Parr video from the press tour and some photo fringe encounters

  1. For those of you who may have missed looking through the peepholes to view Bright Nights, we have a website that you can view works on;
    no peepholes on the site though but you can see works by Alex Bamford, Jean-Luc Brouard, Andre Lichtenberg & Andrew Ford.

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