Hotshoe contemporary photography magazine rebrand new issue Oct/Nov out now

It’s the seven year itch. Hotshoe contemporary photography magazine, which was redesigned in 2003 and was a compact A5 size, has been rebranded in A4 format. It is now available for £6.00/issue at WH Smith stores and specialist outlets throughout the UK, in select stores in the US and by subscription worldwide.

Front cover feature Jan Banning, Comfort Women, also featuring portfolios, interviews and essays on Dan Dubowitz, The Past Is Always With Us; Garry Fabian Miller, Shadow Catchers; Stuart Bailes, Photography Should Build a Tent; Crude Metaphors, a section curated by Edgar Martins; Brian Griffin, Face to Face; and Stephen Shore, Urban Surfaces. Hot Seat with Markus Schaden, Bringing Books to Life. Book reviews Carl de Keyzer’s Congo. Show reviews Eadward Muybridge, Tate Britian and Alejandro Cesarco, Tate Modern. Plus What’s On, UK, Europe and International, shows, fairs and festivals.

With an aim to create a stronger identity for Hotshoe, the magazine has moved to a larger, A4 format, designed to incorporate newsstand appeal and a shelf position in WH Smith as well as to give more space within the magazine to the photographs.

The bimonthly magazine comes out six times a year:
Feb/March; April/May: June/July; Aug/Sept; Oct/Nov and Dec/Jan.

The relaunch sees Hotshoe go into 120 WH Smith outlets throughout the UK. A full list of these stores will be available on this site in the next couple of days.

See for yourselves…

Subscriptions are:
£30 – UK and Northern Ireland
£40 – Europe
£50 – Overseas/Worldwide



5 responses to “Hotshoe contemporary photography magazine rebrand new issue Oct/Nov out now

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  2. Love the writing and love the images.
    Dave Banks

  3. See for more Comfort Woman by Jan Banning …

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