Photo News – National Union of Journalists UK campaigns for media Interns Cashback

This is a quick news post that may not seem directly relevant to everyone, given the focus of this blog, but it is important to know about industry developments in the UK. As a freelance journalist specialising in the photography sector, the ever increasing growth of media interns, many desperate to get their foot in the industry door, is apparent. And, as nothing happens in a vacuum, it’s worth keeping an eye on these developments regarding interns and this campaign. Better to be informed than not.

The NUJ London Freelance Branch newsletter, Nov 2010, says:
“Do you know anyone who has worked as a media intern in the last six years? If so, the NUJ may be able to help them claim back the National Minimum Wage (NMW). They could be entitled to up to £237 for every 40-hour week of the internship, if 21 or over… Anyone who has completed an internship within the last three months can claim the NMW through an Employment Tribunal, while in the county court there is a six year limit. NMW provisions do not apply to students on work placements.”

The London Freelance Branch of the NUJ initiated the campaign back in October. Film production intern, Nicola Vetta, with the help of Broadcasting, Entertainment and Cinema trade union (BECTU) claimed back NMW after the internship ended, even though she had agreed to work for expenses only. If you think that you may be owed money and are a union member, email:

See the longer article online Cashback for Interns as well as the The Guardian online NUJ steps up campaign to pay interns a fair wage for more info.


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