Photo competition news Hotshoe Photofusion Award 2010 – The show goes up, let the judging begin

There’s something fun about travelling to Photofusion as to get there you have to “rock down to” Electric Avenue (remember the Eddy Grant song?) and Electric Lane to get to the upstairs gallery.

For today’s post I leave you with a quick preview of the show, which I  visited yesterday before coming home with a CD of the 10 images submitted by each member. This allowed me to look at each submission in its entirety, and to consider the work as a whole, as not all the photos are on the gallery walls due to curatorial and space considerations. All photos © Miranda Gavin.

The 14 selected, from whom I will choose a winner, are:

Alexander Bartsch
Odette England
Kellie French and Gary Anderson
David Gopsill
Miranda Hutton
Vikram Kushwah
Jason Larkin
Jo Phipps
Heiko Prigge
David & Magda Sampson
Toby Smith
Chris Stockbridge
Oliver Woods
Jane Ward

The show runs until 28 January, so you have plenty of time to take a look at the work – and if the show is anything to go by, Photofusion members are producing diverse bodies of work, some of which are very strong. Carole Evans and the team at Photofusion have done a great job putting the show together, especially given the difficulties currently facing many arts organisations that receive public funding such as Photofusion which will celebrate its twentieth anniversary soon.


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