Photo Projects In Progress – Lucy Phillips’ pinhole camera project and Phillip Reed’s In Between: dispatches from China

I thought that I better try and catch up over the weekend, so today’s post points to a couple of Projects In Progress, or (PIPs), that may be of interest. One is a participatory pinhole project and the other an ongoing collaboration between two identical twins, Phillip and Anthony Reed. The post is also linked by the fact that the two share the name Phillip(s). So it seemed appropriate to twin them for this post.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting photos by Vikram Kushwah who I’m happy to hear picked up the Photofusion AMPS 10 Public Vote for his series Ofelea. According to Photofusion gallery coordinator Carole Evans, click to see her blog, it was a narrow win as Kushwah pipped Oliver Woods to the post by just a couple of votes. More tomorrow, till then…

Photographer Wendy Pye emailed me recently with a link to Phillips’ facebook page. She wrote: “I thought you might be interested in this project. Lucy Phillips, who specialises in pinhole photography, has created the project and is asking photographers to take a photograph of what cannot be seen. I think it’s a lovely idea. Just did one this morning…”

When I said that I would like to take part in the project, she emailed her on my behalf. Lo and behold, a week or so later, a padded envelope arrived from Phillips with the contents below.

What cannot be seen, contents, © Miranda Gavin

My very own Matchbox pinhole camera is ready to go, it’s just a question of what, where and when?

See the facebook page as Phillips’ reveals the process of the project. Perhaps Phillips could match up with Rob Hackman of the Matchbox Gallery?

I also had an email from photographer Phillip Reed who won the Hotshoe/London College of Communication award 2010 which is given to an undergraduate photography student. Reed has been assisting since finishing his degree in photography and is now in China for three months where his identical twin brother Anthony lives.

As well as working on his own projects, he is also collaborating on the ongoing project In Between with Anthony who has a fine art background, teaches English – he has been there for close to four years – and speaks Mandarin fluently.

© Phillip Reed blog post, Shanghai, 2010

And if you were wondering, as I was, whether the number of twins varies across different cultures and how people in China respond to them as identical twins? This is what he said of his initial impressions:

“There are the same amount of twins across all cultures, apparently,” he writes. “Twins in China wear the same clothes, do the same things… They can’t believe we live apart and have slightly different clothes/interests. People find it hilarious that Anthony can speak to them in Mandarin and I can’t!”

Phillip will be sending me dispatches, which I will be posting on a regular basis, while he is in China. To find out more, follow the link to his blog/visual journal.


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