Sony World Photography Awards 2011 – Shortlist announced

Sony World Photography Awards 2011
The shortlist for the 2011 Sony World Photography Awards has been announced. The professional competition spans the three genres of Photojournalism & Documentary, Fine Art and Commercial, while the Open competition is for photographers of all abilities.

“The 2011 competition has attracted more submissions than ever before, reaching all corners of the globe, with over 105,000 entries from 162 counties. The shortlist includes a number of winners and finalists from previous years including Amit Madheshiya, Peter Frank, Denis Rouvre , Giulio Di Sturco and Tommaso Bonaventura.

In the Professional competition there are 15 categories within the three subject genres:

Photojournalism & Documentary (Current Affairs, Contemporary Issues, People, Arts & Culture and Sport)

Commercial (Campaign, Travel, Lifestyle, Still Life and Fashion) and Fine Art (Architecture, Portraiture, Landscape, Still Life and Conceptual).

There are ten categories in the Open competition for anyone with an interest in photography. They are: Action, After Dark, Architecture, Arts & Culture, Fashion, Nature & Wildlife, Panoramic, People, Smile and Travel.

“The category winners and the overall Sony World Photography Awards Open Photographer of the Year will be chosen by the final selection jury comprising Francis Hodgson, Andrew Saunders, Vice President, Creative Imagery, Getty Images; Joseph Jean Rolland Dubé, Vice President, Content Development, iStockphoto; Yann Salmon-Legagneur (Sony Europe Marketing -DSLR) and Paul Genge (Sony UK Technical Marketing – DSLR).

“The Sony World Photography Awards winners will be showcased as part of the World Photography Festival and Exhibitions at Somerset House in London. The festival programme, which runs from 26 April to 1 May, with talks, screenings, portfolio reviews, peer critiques and workshops.

“The winners of the Professional categories will be announced on Thursday 27 April at the Sony World Photography Awards ceremony. For the first time this will be held at the Odeon Leicester Square in London having been in Cannes, France in previous years. Also on the night, the winner of the coveted L’Iris D’Or / Sony World Photography Awards Photographer of the Year, will be announced. They will receive $25,000 and professional Sony camera equipment. The overall winner of the Open competition will receive a $5,000 cash prize as well as Sony camera equipment. The final presentation of the night will be in honour of the recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to Photography.

Professional shortlisted photographers
In each category the judges could select up to three finalist photographers and up to seven additional shortlist photographers. From the finalists, the winners plus 2nd and 3rd place will be chosen and announced at the awards ceremony on 27 April.

Photographers are listed alphabetically.

Honorary judging committee: Chair, Elisabeth Biondi (US), Visuals Editor, The New Yorker Magazine; Pedro Meyer (Mexico), photographer and founder of ZoneZero: Stephen Mayes (US), Managing Director, VII Photo Agency; Rena Effendi (Azerbaijan), awardwinning social documentary photographer.

Current Affairs
Javier Arcenillas (Spain)
Robin Hammond (New Zealand) / Panos Pictures
Ahmad Masood, (Afghanistan) / Reuters

Filip Ćwik (Poland)
William Daniels (France)
Adam Dean (United Kingdom)
Giulio Di Sturco (Italy)
Emiliano Larizza (Italy)
Angelos Tzortzinis (Greece)

Contemporary Issues
Javier Arcenillas (Spain)
Balazs Gardi (Hungary) /
Christian Lutz (Switzerland) / Agence VU

David Chancellor (United Kingdom)
Sebastian Liste (Spain)
Anastasia Taylor-Lind (United Kingdom)
Riccardo Venturi (Spain)

Alejandro Chaskielberg (Argentina)
Lucia Herrero (Spain)
Denis Rouvre (France)

Mathieu Asselin (France)
Jodi Bieber (South Africa)
Tommaso Bonaventura (Italy)
Espen Rasmussen (Norway)
Martin Roemers (Netherlands)
Alnis Stakle (Latvia) / Photographer ru
Hormis Tharakan (India)

Javier Arcenillas (Spain)
Palmer + Pawel (United Kingdom)
Pavel Wolberg (Israel)

Dilip Bhatia (India)
Alexey Bushov (Russian Federation)
Viktor Fischer (Czech Republic)
Radek Kalhous (Czech Republic)
Alex Kudenko (Russian Federation)
Vladimir Pomortsev (Russian Federation)
Bernd Seydel (Germany)

Arts and Culture
Tommaso Bonaventura (Italy)
Amit Madheshiya (India)
Mahesh Shantaram (India)

Jacek Świerczyński (Poland)
Fabio Cuttica (Italy)
William Daniels (France)
Radek Kalhous (Czech Republic)
Spencer Murphy (United Kingdom)
Wojciech Grzedzinski Bartek Sadowski (Poland)
Les Slesnick (United States)


Honorary judging committee: Chair, Mike Trow (UK), Photo Editor, British Vogue; RJ Muna (US), photographer; Terri Manducca (UK), photographers’ agent; Elizabeth Zeschin (UK), photographer.

Richard Bailey (United Kingdom)
Adam Hinton (United Kingdom)
Tomg Meng (China)

Kaveh Baghdadchi (Iran)
Helen de Vries (Netherlands)
Helen Doick (Australia)
Fernando Bayona Gonzãlez (Spain)
Anke Luckmann (Germany)
Gustavo Millon (Chile)
Dzmitry Rusak (Belarus)

Javier Arcenillas (Spain)
Andrew McConnell (Ireland) / Panos Pictures
Liz Loh-Taylor (Australia)

Gmb Akash (Bangladesh)
Celia de Coca (Spain)
Charlie Mahoney (United States)
Raza Milani (Iran)
Jehad Nga (United States)
Aga Pajor (Poland)
Helmut Wachtarczyk (Germany)

Frank Bayh & Steff Rosenberger-Ochs (Germany)
Fabrizio Cestari (Italy)
Saja Seus (Germany)

Radek Burda (Czech Republic)
Lukas Maximilian Hueller (Austria)
Tanya Ilina (Russia)
Alessandro Puccinelli (Italy)
Thomas Steuer (Germany)
Zbigniew Szczerbetka (Poland)
Izabela Urbaniak (Poland)

Still Life
Joel Devlin (united Kingdom)
Adrian Samson (United Kingdom)
Carsten Klein (Germany)
Alessandro Puccinelli (Italy)
Julia Unkel (Germany)

Liam Arthur (United Kingdom)
Marcus Bleasdale (Norway)
Patrizia Doubek (United Kingdom)
Martina Giammaria (Italy)
Tobias Hutzler (United States)
Dejan Kutic (Croatia)
Adrian Loh (Singapore)
Elizaveta Porodina (Germany)
Tomasz Slupski (Poland)
Jack Younger (Australia)

Honorary judging committee: Chair, Francis Hodgson (UK) Photo Critic, Financial Times; Liu Heung Shing (Beijing), Author and Pulitzer Prize winning photographer; Julia Fullerton-Batten (Germany/UK), an established photographer with a worldwide reputation.

Frank + Steff Bayh +Rosenberger-Ochs (Germany)
Frank Meyl (Germany)
Alnis Stakle (Latvia)

Marcus Buck (Germany)
Bayerl Günther (Germany)

Alain Willaume (France)
David Kretschmer (Germany)
Paolo Verzone (Italy) / Agence VU

Liam Arthur (United Kingdom)
Abel Ruiz de Leon Trespando (Spain)
Bogdan Gîrbovan (Romania)
Kai-Uwe Gundlach (Germany)
Amir Hossein Keihani (Islamic Republic of Iran)
Haylee Lee (Republic of Korea)
Leonardo Liberman (Argentina)

Finalists :
Florence Iff (Switzerland)
Guido Castagnoli (Italy) / Periscope-Creative Berlin
Frank Day (United States)

Misha Japaridze (Greece)
Alexander Gronsky (Latvia)
Marissa Rocke (United States)
Thomas Steuer (Germany)
Daniel Traub (United States)
Aleksandra Wojcik (United Kingdom)

Still Life
Charles Emerson (United Kingdom)
Peter Franck (Germany)
Renhui Zhao (Singapore)

KIrill Golovchenko (Germany
Olaf Kreinsen (Germany)
Andrzej Maciejewski (Canada)
Goutal / Leriche Vincent / Olivia (France)
Jasper White (United Kingdom)

Ana Cop (Canada)
Zhongyin Gao (China)
Paul Gisbrecht (Germany)

Meghan Boody (United States)
Isaac Contreras (Mexico)
Nerea Martinez de Lecea (United Kingdom)
Mark French (United Kingdom)
Vincent Vittecoq (Germany)
Malaïka Weber (Switzerland)

Open shortlisted photographers
In each category judges were able to select up to ten images.

Robert Günthe (Germany)
Chan Kwok Hung (Hong Kong) (two entries)
James Kydd (South Africa)
Federico Modica (Italy)
Anton Mukhametchin (Russian Federation)
Stanislaw Pytel (Poland)
Huu Tri Tran (France)
Alex Goh Chun Seong (Malaysia)
Lee Sie (United States)

After Dark
Aneek Anwar (Bangladesh)
Juergen Buergin (Germany)
Marcos Calamato (United States)
Atle Gaarder (Sweden)
Kostadin Luchansky (Angola)
Chumlong Nilkon (Thailand)
Dael Oates (United States)
Bibek Paul (India)
L. Ranieri Jr)Iberê (Brazil)
Ekaterina Solovieva (Germany)

Urs Albrecht (Switzerland)
Rob Cherry (United Kingdom)
Rafal Marcinkiewicz (United Kingdom)
Andras Neiser (Finland)
Alexander Ossia (Germany)
Bjoern Pretzel (Germany)
Marc Siewior (Germany)
Marek Troszczynski (United Kingdom)
Reginald Van de Velde (Belgium)
Wolfgang Weinhardt (Germany)

Arts & Culture
Aislinn Clifford (United Kingdom)
Matt Coppin (Canada)
Hubert Januar (Indonesia)
Veselina Kertikova (China)
Piotr Krysiak (Poland)
Samarendranath Mandal (India)
Javier Martin (Spain)
Susana Righi (Argentina)
Ollie Smith (United Kingdom)
Alam Syah (Indonesia)

Marina Adyrkhaeva (Russian Federation)
Gde Wira Brahmana (Indonesia)
Stefania Cruceru (Romania)
Edina Csoboth (Hungary)
Nick FitzPatrick (Australia)
Tomek Jankowski (Poland
William Lukaitis (Australia)
Kimberley Mennen (Australia)
Jaroslav Svoboda (Czech Republic)
Madalina Toderascu (Romania)

Nature & Wildlife
Alex Bernasconi (Italy)
Antoine Beyeler (Switzerland)
Stephan Fürnrohr (Germany)
Cedric Favero (Switzerland)
Andiyan Lutfi (Indonesia)
Luca Neve (United Kingdom)
Dmitry Miroshnikov (Russian Federation)
Kieran O’Connor (Australia
Nenad Saljic (Croatia)
Tanja Zech (Germany)

Rana Harfoush (Egypt)
Anton Hazewinkel (China)
Fabian Sixtus Körner (Germany)
Gareth Kingdon (United Kingdom)
David Millard (United Kingdom)
Andrew Scriven (United Kingdom)
Sergiu Sechel (Romania)
Jadranko Silic (Australia)
Ignacio Tejerina (Spain)
Wolfgang Weinhardt (Germany)

Danny Cohen (Australia)
Peter Dazeley (United Kingdom)
Paul Dooley (United Kingdom)
Chan Kwok Hung (Hong Kong)
Kal Khogali (Belgium)
Katerina Lomonosov (Israel
Petar Popovic (Croatia)
Eugene Reshetov (United States)
Raghuranjan Sarkar (India)
Gundega Sundew (Latvia)

Domenico Chiapperini (Netherlands)
James Chong (Singapore)
Pascal Fiechter (Switzerland)
Arup Ghosh (India)
Christoph Herby (Benin)
Martin Hudak (Slovakia)
Prasad Mahale (India)
Carlos Henrique Reinesch (Brazil)
Syaza Mohammed Shakharulain (Malaysia)
Viktorija Vaisvilaite Skirutiene (Lithuania)

James Chong (Singapore)
Valarie Curty (Switzerland)
Sauro Fiorani (Italy)
David Lazar (Australia)
Yap Wai Leong (Malaysia)
Glenn Losack MD (United States)
Christopher Martin (Canada
Nara Pratama (Indonesia)
Saeed Salem (Saudi Arabia))
Wolfgang Weinhardt (Germany)

Key dates
8 March Outstanding Contribution to Photography Announced
22 March Open competition category winners announced
27 April Gala awards ceremony at Odeon Leicester Square in London.
Announcement of Professional category winners, Open competition Photographer of the Year, and L’Iris D’Or/Sony World Photography Awards Photographer of the Year
26 April – 22 May World Photography Awards Festival (26 April – 1 May) and Exhibition at Somerset House


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  1. in Current Affairs, shortlisted – it’s not Filip Daniel (Poland) but Filip Ćwik from polish agency NAPO. Just to let you know 🙂

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