International Women’s Day Centenary celebration continues – Female Focus on Photography, plus 20 makes 80

Feminism, it seems, is now regarded by some as a superfluous stance. So when some people start talking to me about post feminism, re-branding feminism and ask me “Aren’t you over it yet?” followed by a ‘why-don’t-you-just-move on’ look,  I despair. No, not until women globally have the necessary rights and equal opportunities in all realms including political, economic, and social. Thinking of power and influence –  just take a look at the statistics on how many women are members of the senior judiciary in the UK –  only 9% in the UK.
(Women’s Resource and Development Agency, 2006).

Back to my backlog, and I’m nearly there… It’s been a hell of a week of catching trains to Wales to deliver two blogging courses in Cardiff and then back to London (where to my absolute surprise I bumped into an old music friend, Dr Clive from Dr & the Medics, remember their version of Spirit in the Sky?); organising a business skills freelance creative course in London on Saturday; writing a book review as well as features about photographers and the photography industry. Last night I chaired an event on publishing and self-publishing for Photo Imaging Network at Four Corners which brought up some points I will consider in subsequent posts.

So my next 20 women, taking the total to 80, are below.  Yes, it is a little later than I expected. The last batch will be tomorrow before the blog returns to normal service. But, as the adage goes, better late than never…

Hotshoe magazine 2005-6
Jessica Backhaus
Veronica Bromova
Julia Fullerton-Batten
Katy Grannan
Jennifer Long
Sarah Moon
Katharina Mayer
Neeta Madahar
Nina Mangalanayagam
Silvie Milkova
Sarah Pickering
Dita Pepe
Inma Sainz de Baranda
Dona Schwartz
Muzi Quawson
Mayete Vieta
Anja Niemi
Hellen van Meene
Einar Hansen
Lise Sarfati


3 responses to “International Women’s Day Centenary celebration continues – Female Focus on Photography, plus 20 makes 80

  1. Feminism has failed because of its inability to tackle the worldviews that support injustices (and perceived injustices).

    Feminism, with its west-centric thinking, desires to shove it’s version of morality down the throats of all who disagree.

    • Anotherview, you have given another view, thank you.
      This topic is vast and your statement needs to be tackled point by point. I’m aware of many of the opposing views and the kinds of sentiments that you convey in these short sentences but you are conflating too many ideas. So let’s agree – to disagree… you’ve heard it all before, so it seems, and so have I… This topic is way too complex to tackle in a few comments back and forth. I like to think that my view is a considered one, so let’s graciously show tolerance for each other’s sentiments. I am not forcing my view on you, just raising a point… my comment is far from “shoving it down the throats” of people.
      If you think about it, the fact that we are even having this exchange online, says something.

  2. …”This topic is way too complex to tackle in a few comments back and forth.”

    Very true!!! and … my apologies if I implied you were ‘shoving’ your opinion.
    I know I was painting with a broad brush …my bad!

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