Funny Photos – Call for random photos from around the world

Today’s post is one on photos that have the capacity to make us laugh and smile. Photographs are used to record numerous aspects of our daily lives and provide documents of all manner of subjects, including the mistakes and slips we make in language. Words can get lost in translation, mistranslated, or simply misspelled – sometimes with humourous results, as in this photo taken by my aunt on a five-day trip on the Trans-Mongolian Express last month.

If you have any photos that you would like to share, please leave a comment with a link or send them to me directly at as small web-friendly jpegs (72dpi) with full caption info and credit and I will collate and post, if there are enough. So come on, let’s have a bit of fun.

Trans- Mongolian Express K3 on a temporary stop between Beijing – Datong in China, 2 March 2011 © Fiona Bevis

I am a guest blogger over at the New York Photo Festival again this year – this week from 4-11 April. I will be contributing throughout the week, but not every day, as I have a lot on my plate at the moment. However, I will be cross-posting here as soon as I post. First one starts today…

Thanks to UK street and documentary photographer Paul Russell for entering into the spirit of this post and giving us all another opportunity to smile…

© Paul Russell, Charity, Bournemouth, UK.

Thanks to Porter Gifford for this scene of 21st-century daily life in the States:

© Porter Gifford, My daughter checking her email,

To Derek Man for this windy day pic:

© Derek Man, Just another windy day on the Golden Gate Bridge

And to Brian for a situation that he found both strange and amusing:

Brian. "Just before I raised my camera towards this gentleman he was actually looking into the Ladies toilets, he was only waiting for his wife to come out but photography has a habit of being much more interesting than reality"

From Brian:


One response to “Funny Photos – Call for random photos from around the world

  1. I love this windy day picture. Keep it up with the good work.

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