Photo News – Calls for Your Own Personal Jesus from photographer Jonathan Minster

© Jonathan Minster, photos courtesy of the photographer

For those who are celebrating or holidaying over the weekend, there’s an Easter-themed call from photographer Jonathan Minster, who is represented by Vue agency.

“With this project I want to create a visual exploration into who and what we worship and adore today,” Jonathan Minster.

© Jonathan Minster, photos courtesy of the photographer

Minster is looking for more ideas for your own personal Jesus and he will try and create the image in just seven days – the time it took to create the world, according to the Genesis creation story in the Bible. Up until now, each Jesus has been a recommendation from the public but now you can take part too.

Send your ideas to

“Minster’s Your Personal Jesus project is a series of images that pulls together people and brands who are worshipped by their fans and who in today’s world seem to have replaced religion as a belief system.

“Each photograph is of the same oil painting of Jesus that Minster has doctored, replacing Jesus’ face with that of pop stars old and new, actors and even an Apple computer. He surrounds the new idol with associated props that replace the religious artifacts you would normally expect to see in a painting of Jesus.”

“Minster takes the photographs in his London studio as an original shot with no photo-shopping or retouching.”

© Jonathan Minster, photos courtesy of the photographer

“In recent years we have seen a massive shift in the way we worship. Today’s society looks to the cult of celebrity and consumerism rather than any particular religious group.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, but do they really deserve our faith and adoration?” he adds.


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