Photo News – Call for your Facebook Profile Photos for Hotshoe Blog online exhibition

A quick post to ask any of you who read this blog, or land on it accidentally, to pass on my call for your Facebook Profile photos. I will be gathering them and then creating and curating an online show on this blog and perhaps elsewhere, precise form and strategy to be decided, depending on how it all pans out. For now:

Please send me your FB profile pics with the name that you use with that image. I know that many people change profile images but just send what you use now. Send them at the size that you have them available, don’t worry about higher-res,

Please send to me at:

Please pass this on to other people that use FB. The more the merrier. Send it far and wide, after all Facebook has more “inhabitants” than the population of many countries. FB statistics put the number at “more than 800 million active users”. I will keep you posted as to how this is going, but I am relying on social networks to help spread the word.


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