Splice Up: Film snippets edited to Lionel Ritchie’s Hello song by Matthijs Vlot

I couldn’t resist this wonderful filmic treat for all of you who didn’t receive any Bloody Valentine’s Day wishes – This is for YOU.

Hello by Lionel Ritchie never sounded this good to me. This is edited by Matthijs Vlot. Thank you – it put a smile on my face and made me laugh. It is 1 min 18 seconds long and appeared on cinema.nl/cinematv. Thanks to Brian Foreman for this share.

Hello wherever you are. Feel free to add your native language as a comment and do correct any of these that are wrong.

Hello – Halo – Hallo – Halló – ¡Hola! – hallo! – Aloha – hallå! – a lô! – C’kemi – Ola – Bonos díes – Kaixo – Dobar dan – Bon dia – Bok – Ahoj – Hej – Saluton – Terve – Salut – Selamat siang – Salve – Sveiki – Zdravo -Kia ora – Hei – Sillaw – Sain uu? – Salut – Merhaba – Sawubona


5 responses to “Splice Up: Film snippets edited to Lionel Ritchie’s Hello song by Matthijs Vlot

  1. Ha – soo clever – how the hell does someone even start compiling and finding the content to make this!?

    • Yes, it is. I think he must have a massive collection of film and a good memory for lines in films, or perhaps he has all the scripts online, or he typed sentences from the song into Google and asked to search for the words in film scripts/dialogue. Love it too and the clips chosen. Miranda

  2. Moshi, moshi?

    Whenever someone asks me to define love, I usually think for a minute, then I spin around and pin the guy’s arm behind his back. NOW who’s asking the questions?

  3. Thanks for this Miranda. It’s really good – must have taken ages!

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