Photo Show – First major UK exhibition of work by Tom Wood to open at The Photographers’ Gallery London

© Tom Wood, Seacombe Ferry 1985, photo courtesy the artist and The Photographers’ Gallery.

© Tom Wood, Ladies Toilet Attendant 1985, photo courtesy the artist and The Photographers’ Gallery.

The first major UK show of Irish-born photographer Tom Wood Men and Women opens at The Photographers’ Gallery on 12 October and runs until 6 January. Wood continuously recorded the everyday lives of the people of Liverpool and the Merseyside area from 1973 until the early 2000s, working in both black and white and later in colour. The exhibition will showcase over sixty previously unpublished portraits as well as a selection of vintage prints and book dummies of his now out-of-print publications Looking for Love (1989), All Zones off Peak (1998) and Photieman (2005).

“Editing from long-term and previously unseen bodies of work, such as the Football Grounds, Shipyard and Docks and Women’s Market, Tom Wood has re-evaluated these images through a creative collaboration with artist Padraig Timoney. Grouping the images in a non-chronological order under the headings Men and Women, the exhibition will showcase a curated selection of these photographs,soon to be published as two separate books by Steidl. The installation of the photographs will reflect the sequencing of the books mixing the different formats, styles and processes. This arrangement will highlight the formal correspondences and relationships between pictures as well as Wood’s prolonged involvement with his subject matter.

“His photographs include both candid and posed portraits of people alone or in groups. Images of strangers are interspersed with those of friends and family and are often made from repeated engagements with particular locales.

© Tom Wood, Maryhill 1974, photo courtesy the artist and The Photographers’ Gallery.

“Trust and empathy are both key elements in Wood’s practice and his photographs are the result of considered observation, offering affirmative responses to moments from the lives of those he pictures.” From the press release.

© Tom Wood, Old Man on bench, Graffiti tiles 1985, photo courtesy the artist and The Photographers’ Gallery.

Men and Women is a collaboration with the National Media Museum, Bradford. It is curated by Stefanie Braun, Senior Curator, The Photographers’ Gallery and Greg Hobson, Curator of Photographs at the National Media Museum.


12 responses to “Photo Show – First major UK exhibition of work by Tom Wood to open at The Photographers’ Gallery London

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  2. Beautiful and raw photography of real subjects “as it happens” within the environment. Woods’s ability to swap styles is a sure sign of photographic craftsmanship. Capturing real and staged shots within an instant is a true reflection on this artist’s form.

    • Yes, Peter I agree. It’s also about the wonderful light and yes the versatility he demonstrates.

      • Finding the right light at times can be a process more so natural light. To Woods it comes second nature, it’s a process that he has got use too and trained his eye to capture. Possible that he has already clocked his lighting before even taking the shot.

      • Couldn’t agree more, there’s an absolute art in ‘seeing’ and in registering the quality of light and capturing it, esp – as you say – with natural light – and with portraiture.Good to hear your thoughts.

  3. Absolutely brilliant, very tempted to venture down south 😉

  4. Definitely one to see! I’ll have to pay a visit! 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on ckponderings and commented:
    If you like portraits, this exhibition looks like one not to miss!

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  7. Wonderful capture moment of real people that’s what photography is about recording life of a person the way they are now before it all lost forever.)

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