Photo Stroll and podcast – Susan Derges in conversation with Gareth Evans at Purdy Hicks


Pavement Network, iPhone Miranda Gavin on the way to Susan Derges in conversation at Purdy Hicks last week. I was getting into the zone…

Last week, I attended a well-structured, informative and informed in conversation led by Whitechapel Gallery film curator Gareth Evans with Susan Derges at Purdy Hicks Gallery in south London. The show closes on 19 January.

A small brook on Dartmoor,  Devon near the artist’s studio is the focus for this new series of images. Two different views of the brook’s surface, from above and below, explore themes of reflection and immersion that echo experiences of place as a site of memory and loss, the flow of time and changing perceptions.

The talk lasted just over 30mins and touched upon the development of her latest body of work Alder Brook (see the work in the photos below), the role of agency in her work, her recent move to using a camera once again, and the place of perception, illusion and magic in her oeuvre. Derges’ work, at least for me, is also informed by notions relating to shallowness and depth – terms that are used when talking about fields of vision as well as water (one of the key elements in her work).

For any of you who are fans of her work and for those who don’t know of it, this in conversation is a must. Derges, guided by Evans’, takes the audience through her work while maintaining a level of mystery around the photographic processes at play behind Alder Brook. It makes sense. Magic dissipates when we peel back the illusion and reveal its production.

I hope you enjoy the in conversation as much as I did. Roll over the link below, click and listen to the podcast. You need to be patient with it uploading as it’s quite a large file. Enjoy.


SusanDerges1 SusanDerges2 susanDerges3SusanDergesaSusanDerges4

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4 responses to “Photo Stroll and podcast – Susan Derges in conversation with Gareth Evans at Purdy Hicks

  1. Reblogged this on myka baum and commented:
    Here’s an excellent blog and podcast of Susan Derges in conversation with Gareth Evans at Purdy Hicks. Posted by Miranda Gavin from Hotshoe, including visuals of Susan Derges’ new work!
    Susan Derges has been a major source of inspiration to me and I am please do have had the opportunity to talk to her.

  2. Fabulous & so worthy of sharing!! Thank you!!!

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