Photo Show – Phillip & Anthony Reed’s In Between and Signs of Life on show at ONE in Shanghai




In Between and Signs of Life is a highly recommended photo exhibition of two collaborative projects by Phillip Reed and Anthony Reed. It is currently on show at ONE in Shanghai until 18 October. So, if you, or someone you know, is heading to Shanghai this month, why not drop by and take a look.


The artists are identical twin brothers who live and work as Photographers in two very different cities. Phillip is based in London and Anthony in Shanghai. The two projects on display represent both their longest running collaboration and their most recent work respectively.

While In Between is an on-going photographic dialogue between the two, Signs of Life is provides a closer more critical look at the relationship between architecture and power focusing on the east coast cities of China (shot in 2012). Essential to their investigations is an interest in the city and the individual and the continuous process of interaction between the two.

For In Between there is a consistency in the composition and subject matter of each image that continues throughout the series. You are invited to view the dialogue between the two locations and see how relationships between the images build and subsequently disperse. In one example a piece of Post modern architecture resembles a 19th-Century neo classical façade, following this a seagull resembles a Chinese kite. The images are open to the viewer to interpret. There is an ebb and flow to the exchanges as the communication evolves; a reflection of the dialogue that continues between the two locations. Their photographic observations give an insight into the personal relationships between identical twins.

Phillip Reed has been featured on The Roaming Eye over the last three years since he won the London College of Communication Hotshoe Award in 2010. He has visited Shanghai where his brother Anthony is based and recently gave an insightful talk at the Photology series of talks organised by Alex Brattell at the Bullet Cafe in Hastings.

The years after leaving uni are particularly difficult for graduates. Many students often abandon their own photographic practice, for various reasons –  they want to move into other visually-related areas, they have to earn money to pay off debts or because competition for work placements/internships is also high – but Phillip has persevered and has managed to secure commissioned work, assists two successful commercial photographers and has continued to develop and extend his personal projects, including collaborations with his brother such as In Between and Signs of Life.

The photos above and below are a selection I made from their online visual journal. All phoots © Phillip Reed and Anthony Reed. Courtesy of the artists.

To see more of Phillip’s work, visit his website and his tumblr visual journal.

To see more of Anthony Reed’s tumblr visual journal.

フィリップとアンソ ニーリード共同制作の「In Between & Signs of Life」写真展が、イメージソース上海のイベントスペースONEで 9月18日から開催されます。本展は上海在住のイギリス人フォトグラファーAnthony Reedと双子の兄でロンドン在住の同じくフォトグラファーのPhilip Reed二人の最新作を披露します。会期は2013年10月18日までです。ぜひこの機会にご高覧ください。9月18日のオープニングレセプションへのご 参加の際は、このページで事前予約をお願いいたします。




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