Interactive storytelling: Journey inside the homes of women living in a Delhi resettlement slum

Bawana JJ Colony by Rajan Zaveri and Kamala Kelkar.

Bawana JJ Colony by Rajan Zaveri and Kamala Kelkar.

Bawana JJ Colony
A new immersive documentary on women’s issues in a resettlement slum in Delhi has been launched using interactive approaches to visual storytelling.

Producer Rajan Zaveri and journalist Kamala Kelkar invite the viewer to embark on an insightful multimedia journey through the area and to explore the homes of four women and their families living there. This documentary is a visceral and educational experience using first-person, fixed 3D perspective and navigation. Furthermore, the four mini documentary interviews give voice to these women’s lives, revealing aspects that are often hidden. The work’s beautiful visual presentation combines with the powerful interviews to give a genuine insight into the plight of the residents. I highly recommend this journey.

Click on this link to enter the interactive documentary: Bawana JJ Colony.

Bawana JJ Colony by Rajan Zaveri and Kamala Kelkar.

Still image from the interactive site Bawana JJ Colony by Rajan Zaveri and Kamala Kelkar.

From the website: “It’s been a decade since many of the families living in this relocation slum were forced out of what used to be Delhi’s biggest shantytown to make way for the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

“Initially, living in a central community called Yamuna Pushta on the banks of the Yamuna River, their homes were demolished because they were said to be polluting the area. They, and many other slum dwellers in the past decade were forced to relocate here, a remote resettlement post located on the outskirts of Delhi, two hours from the city centre.”

Their stories can be seen and heard in greater detail, using the interactive features. Here, four women will show you the struggles they face every day, and how the isolation has changed their lives.

The work is also featured on PRI’s The World as part of its ‪#HerRights‬ series.



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