As there is so much in the blogosphere to link to, we will be adding links to blogs as and when they come in, so they will be in no particular order. If there is something you think we must link to, please let us know. This is an attempt at crowd sourcing a Blogroll.

Usually they are a list of  links chosen solely by the blogger, but in this case, I’m inviting anyone reading this blog to make suggestions and share blogs that you think are Hot.

Photocritic International photocritic AD Coleman on photography and related matters

Dektol aka documentary photographer Danny Lyon

Alec Soth’s Archived Blog the photographer may have stopped blogging but there’s still plenty to discover

Photography Blog a weblog about photography run by professional photographer Mark Goldstein

Christine Spengler a 20th century war correspondent/photographer, who deserves to be more widely known for her work covering various conflicts

duckrabbit billed as a blog “where photography, art, audio and journalism collide (sparks may fly)”

nymphoto sharing news and issues relating to or relevant for women in photography

Dani’s BlogDanielle Voirin is “a Chicago native and Paris-based photographer who works in a diversity of subjects including still-life, reportage, portraits and architecture”

Contact Collective – is “anna stevens & emily graham. based in london, we work within the photographic industry, make photography, and write about photography”

Daylight Daily Blog –  “Daylight Community Arts Foundation (DCAF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to publishing in-depth photographic essays on important issues of the day via Daylight Magazine (print) and Daylight Multimedia (online)”

Blind Photographers Blog – a great blog “by, for and about blind and visually-impaired photographers”. “How does having a different visual experience affect our photography?” the organisation asks

PhotoShelter Blog – info on marketing your photography, photo websites and the business of photography

Prison Photography –  “an analysis of photography in sites of incarceration is my nerdcore niche” as well as concerns about “civil liberties, ethics and social justice as they relate to photography and photojournalism”

100Eyes Blog –  online photography magazine from “photographer , teacher and editor Andy Levin living in New Orleans”

Photography Course London Blog– offering photo courses based in East Central London and blogging about jobs, competitions and exhibitions

Bored of This – Photographer, curator and writer Louise Bowan’s space “to see interesting and emerging  Photography, Illustration & Poetry”

Michael Good’s Reflective Journal – just came across this – how could I resist a photographer’s twitter profile with the words: “Carpe Diem. Live your life to it’s fullest, because life is short and you only get one shot !” Too true, too true

Leonardo Turrin Blog –  this is, writes Leonardo, “a new blog that accompanies my portfolio. It will be a place to discuss about photography and art”

ILOVETHATPHOTO – a photography magazine blog that aims to be “the resource magazine for independent photographers” giving them an online platform for their work with a short interview and information.

A Photographic Sketchbook: Kirsty Mackay – Former University of Newport student’s photography sketchbook where she writes and shares her ideas on photography and gives an insight into her latest work and projects.

Brian David Stevens’ blog – a visual blog titled Drifting Camera from a photographer who shoots for Hamburger Eyes magazine, amongst others.

Moby’s Los Angles Architecture Blog – a new “daily (or weekly) collection of some of the random and strange and banal and beautiful architecture i see in l.a.” by Moby the “dilettante architectural photographer” aka “bald alien” – his descriptions of himself, not mine.

Jack Lowe Studio Blog – digital services provider to the photographic industry who tries “to keep readers up-to-date with interesting work passing through” his studio.

Looking at the West is a blog exploring “the American West as experienced and photographed by Andrew McAllister” who is based in Logan, Utah.

Compare Digital Cameras

Compare Cameras Lenses

Compare Photo and Graphics Editing Software

The Louise Draper Project – “a blog documenting the discovery of the archive of NY photographer Louis H. Draper, a 20th-century photographer, educator, and cultural groundbreaker, who lived a life devoted to the art of photography and to the tenets of Civil Rights”.

21 responses to “Blogroll

  1. A very active daily blog covering a very broad range of photography topics.

  2. Where photography, art, audio and journalism collide (sparks may fly)

    Thrown lovingly together by the duckrabbit crew, producers and trainers of multimedia.

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  4. Dear friends,
    Please have a look at my photography website:
    Thank you,
    Dennis Cordell

  5. As novice bloggers we want to create a space where we can upload anything from ideas to full bodies of work.

  6. A growing blog focusing on photographic theory as seen by the next generation of photographers.

  7. Hello,

    I spotted your blog and I thought it was cool to find. I wanted to take a
    moment and forward to you my link:

    If you think it’s cool, please add it to your blog list.


    Roy Caratozzolo

  8. Please take a look at
    For all your street photography solutions – (joke).

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    Promoting photography to a wider audience through video podcasts, zines and the website

  12. This blog is an adjunct to my website ( which consists of random images combined with comments on those images or anything else that happens to cross my mind. Its a perfect solution to publishing single, random images without any particular theme in mind. I suppose it becomes the theme.

  13. Any image that either is interesting to me as a single image, or a part of a series or project which would be interesting when combined with text.

  14. Check out this website and publishing company. They are VERY nice people.

    They are a non-profit company that is working to gather collections of fine artists from all around the globe. The idea that images can transcend distance and language barriers is something that they solidify. They also just recently released a new volume of work entitled “Everyday Occurrences.”

    Definitely check it out!

    • Thanks Mike, that’s good of you to add the link to this page and I hope that others check it out too. Will look out for the volume of work you mention, perhaps someone from the company can send me some information re:Everyday Occurrences. Even better that they are nice too. Miranda

  15. This is my little digital treasure, hope you like:

  16. Very informative blogroll, you can also see:

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