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Photo Books – Open call for books for On Landscape #2 London



On Landscape #2 seeks to instigate a series of discussions, raise questions and incite debate on representations of landscape. A central element of On Landscape Project consists of a library of self-published, hand-made or short-run artists books relating to representations of landscape.

To this end, the On Landscape team (Dafna Talmor, Emma Wieslander and Minna Kantonen) is calling for submissions with a deadline of 16 February. The books will be chosen by Chiara Capodici and Fiorenza Pinna of 3/3, Gianpaolo Arena of Landscape Stories, Matèria’s gallery director Niccolò Fano and the On Landscape Project team. The book display aims to provide a platform for wider debates around landscape whilst presenting an opportunity for a range of practitioners to showcase their work.

The books from On Landscape #2 will add to a selection of titles stemming from the first edition of On Landscape Project last year, for which I chose titles with Bruno Ceschel from Self Publish Be Happy. It was a real treat to sift through over a hundred books and the diversity in terms of approach and design was notable. This selection was showcased in March 2014 at Yinka Shonibare’s Guest Projects in London and was a popular aspect of the show. See images below.IMG_8759 IMG_8752 IMG_8740 IMG_8748 IMG_8758 IMG_8735 IMG_8760 IMG_8756
All iPhone photos. Miranda Gavin

This year, titles from both editions of the project will be showcased within Matèria’s gallery space between April 17 and May 16, 2015 where photographic works by Dafna Talmor, Emma Wieslander and Minna Kantonen, (founders of On Landscape Project) will be on show.

16 February 2015

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Unvent Stumbled Upon Photos – Is it over yet?


Yes, it is. But there’s more to come for the new year…

Unvent Stumbled Upon Photos – Happy Starburst

WISHING a Happy Holidays to you all for 2013.
A further Stumbled Upon Photo from the Streets of London.
Magic is all around us, and it’s often in the details. Don’t just look; See & Feel.


Unvent Stumbled Upon Photos – Alternative Christmas Nativity Scene


Another Xmas find as I amble through the streets of unfamiliar places looking for seasonally themed shots.

WELCOME to Window World where all is not quite as it seems; a place of Angels with Scary Faces and Dreams of Knitted Sheep.

One more day to go…

Photo Stroll – INSIDE OUT at Photofusion London with Anne Vinogradoff, Jocelyn Allen and Myka Baum & In Conversation: The Skin Within tomorrow

Tri-pod’s second exhibition Inside Out is on show until 29 August at Photofusion gallery in Brixton, London featuring the work of three emerging visual artists working with photography, film and object-based works: Anne Vinogradoff, Jocelyn Allen and Myka Baum.

The photos below are from the Launch Party on 8 August before we had to swap the work inside the gallery around. Why? Because there have been complaints about the nature of the work: “nudity” “not suitable for children” “funders” “born-again Christians” “someone walking in then straight out”. There is already a Warning Sign re; nudity (see photo below) but it appears that this is not sufficient for the parents of 7-11 year-old children who have been walking through the front gallery to do activities in the other spaces in the gallery, nor for those who are seeing nudity/women’s bodies and religion combined in large-scale works. I received a call from Photofusion director suggesting that Anne Vinogradoff’s work be moved to the back gallery space and Jocelyn Allen’s to the front gallery, which the artists have agreed to.

I have written to Photofusion to request information on exactly which works have been cause for complaint, who has complained, why, how many people have complained and how they made the complaints, plus I have asked Photofusion about its policy on showing such works. I need to let the gallery respond before I write a blog post in response, though I have speculated on what the possible problems could be and to what extend an artist can express themselves freely, that is without forms of censorship, especially if the work/space is funded/part-funded by the Arts Council or other bodies that have ideological beliefs that may be at odds with the works created. To be continued once I have some answers.

For now, do try and see the show and come along to The Skin Within: A Conversation with the artists tomorrow evening in the gallery and let us know what you think.

Inside the gallery, Vinogradoff (Women: A Curvy Journey) and Allen (Your Mind & Body Is All That You’ve Got) explore themes around women, self-image and identity. Together these bodies of work can also be seen as a dialogue between Vinogradoff and Allen, as well as between the artists and audience. Visitors to the gallery are invited to engage with some of the object-based works and become active participants in the show.

On the Photofusion Outside Gallery wall, Baum (Miss Havisham’s Larder) explores the minutiae of growth and decay inspired by the cycles of nature and transformation.

Gallery Event: The Skin Within: A Conversation with the artists
Tuesday 27 August, 19:00 | Free for Members (£3.50 Non-members)
Anne Vinogradoff, Jocelyn Allen and Myka Baum will be discussing their work in the exhibition and the benefits of supportive creative workshops such as Tri-pod, facilitated by Miranda Gavin and Wendy Pye.


For her new series, Myka Baum uses a variety of painstaking processes engaging both natural and mechanical reproduction to create abstract photographs of the process of decay of common foods such as bread and cheese.Time plays an integral role within the work and traces of a collision between calculation and chance are made visible. The macro images on show are also a manifestation of the various processes used by Baum and are inspired by and call into question the current status of nature to which urban civilization has become largely oblivious.


Anne Vinogradoff draws on work from six series created over the past two years. Vinogradoff offers both a personal, autobiographical perspective, as well as a global viewpoint, as she explores the trajectory of womankind throughout history. In creating these works, Vinogradoff asks the audience to consider ancient ideas and their relevance to contemporary society while seeking to challenge commonly-held dogmas relating to female identity. The result is a multilayered, interactive installation of analogue photography realised as 3-D objects.


Jocelyn Allen’s series of self portraits are the result of forty sittings that took place over the last six months of 2012. What started out as a few images, documenting Allen’s reaction to the changes within the skin of her body, evolved to become a highly personal journey of acceptance, self reflection and realisation. The self portraits reveal and chart moments of playfulness and self confidence alongside those of shyness and self doubt.

AnneVinogradoff6JocelynAllen5JocelynAllen3Jocelyn Allen2Jocelynallen6PhotofusionHotshoe

Tri-Pod is a creative initiative cofounded in 2010 by Miranda Gavin and Wendy Pye to support lens-based artists working on Projects in Process. Tri-Pod has developed a model for facilitated peer-to-peer group feedback that also encourages individual artists to develop and maintain networks of support facilitated by Tri-Pod.

As well as holding weekend workshops to help with the research and development of personal projects, Tri-Pod works in association with galleries to provide a space for workshop participants to exhibit their work and allow for feedback and engagement with wider audiences.

INSIDE OUT was initiated and devised by Tri-Pod to provide an opportunity for three visual artists, who have attended a Tri-Pod workshop in 2012-13, to develop a body of work for exhibition. The exhibitors were chosen from an open submission offered to all workshop participants; the two artists presenting work inside the gallery, Anne Vinogradoff and Jocelyn Allen, were also exploring similar themes around women, self-image and identity.

All the artists exhibiting are working on ongoing series that they have developed with the assistance of Tri-Pod and are showing bodies of work in various stages of development and experimentation. Anne Vinogradoff is showing prototypes, or ‘primitive forms’ of objects, in their early stages of development; Jocelyn Allen experiments with the effect of scale in relationship to individual photographs, while outside, Myka Baum exhibits images that are the result of numerous photographic and biological experiments. The individual artists have curated their own space allowing them to test new ideas in a supportive environment.

Tri-Pod’s first group exhibition Nine Point Perspective: Ways of Seeing was held at Hotshoe Gallery, London in August 2011, and featured the work of nine lens-based artists and photographers who had participated in Tri-Pod’s first ongoing research and development group. This was followed by a further group exhibition Is That It as part of the Brighton Photo Fringe 2012.

Miranda Gavin and Wendy Pye will be talking about Tri-Pod at an arts symposium Academic Dogma: Intuition vs. Education, organised by members of the London College of Communication MA Photography course. It will be held on a Tuesday in early to mid-October with the exact date to be confirmed. If you want to know more or you are interested in participating in one of Tri-Pod’s future workshops, please get in touch at