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Photo Resource – Free guide to Selling Nature Photography from Photoshelter

If you want some tips for getting your nature photos out there, sign up for a free PDF guide Selling Nature Photography. The guide has been compiled by Photoshelter in partnership with Outdoor Photographer and offers tips to grow your nature photography business with interviews from leading photographers like Art Wolfe, Jerry Monkman and Martin Bailey. It also include insights from experienced photo buyers, including the Senior Photo Editor at National Geographic.

  • Six questions to ask yourself before pitching editorial clients
  • Seven tips to get your nature photography featured in public spaces
  • How to turn your passion into a thriving business
  • Why storytelling and nature photography go hand and hand
  • Why being persistent in your business and protecting your interests is a must.

Photo News – New issue of revamped Hotshoe App Edition for iPad and iPhone is out now

Great! by Photobooks
Great mag, really like the content, hadn’t seen any of it before, cool design too. Highly recommend

Fantastic! by Jenna Banat
Highly recommend this magazine app – really nice layout, easy to navigate through and fascinating content!
Readers comments from iTunes site

The second edition of the revamped Hotshoe App Edition is out.

Browse all the content from the bi-monthly print edition  showcasing the latest in contemporary photography presented as a curated, interactive experience:

  • Extended portfolios
  • Interactive exhibition listings
  • Text-only function and cutting-edge articles and reviews
  • The latest multimedia pieces from the most exciting photographers around.

Hotshoe’s App Edition is available on your iPad and iPhone from the iTunes store. Download the app for free and then subscribe for one year for just £9.99, and get the latest issue of Hotshoe directly to your device every other month.

Photo News: Issue 5 of Once Magazine – a monthly photojournalism iPad publication now available for download

“It’s a classic format redesigned for the tablet age”

It’s not that often people share good news stories especially when they involve developing business models for a digital publication focusing on photojournalism that actually pays its contributors. But magazine editor Andrew Jones wrote to me recently with just such a story. Yes, you heard me correctly. Once Magazine‘s mission is “to directly support and reinvigorate visual storytelling by creating a new model of publishing, which not only offers photographers, writers, and illustrators a creative, experiential, and expanded format on a high-quality platform, but also remonetizes photojournalism by sharing revenue directly with contributors”.

Unlike many other online photography magazines and ventures that seem to have given up trying to find a way to make it pay, they simply take the familiar line – we don’t pay photographers for content. This is in line with many photography publications including the British Journal of Photography, Amateur Photographer, F2 and Hotshoe where contributing photographers do not receive any money for providing images for use in features as it’s seen as promotion for the photographer. However, with all these publications writers do get paid although the rate varies, depending on the publication. I’ve contributed to all of them, so I write from experience. However, many other publications, both print and online photogrphy magazines, don’t pay writers either. Getting a byline – your name with the copy – is supposed to be enough. However, this is not the time to discuss this topic in detail, but it’s important to give an idea of the current climate, especially regarding photography publications.

Back to the news story. Once Magazine editor Andrew Jones adds: “Fed up with what we were reading, myself and a couple of friends from college decided to take on the big boys of the media world and challenge out-dated ideas about what the media could do. In Once Magazine, we’ve created an engaging, compelling, and independent photojournalism magazine for the generation of people like ourselves who have grown up digital, as well as who fondly remember the golden age of picture magazines. Furthermore, while the mainstream media wrings its hands over monetizing its content, we have created a new publishing business model where we split revenue with our contributors.”

Issue 5 can be downloaded from iTunes from today for £1.49. The iPad App is free as is the Pilot Issue. Subsequent issues cost $2.99 or cheaper by regular subscription. For those who like to see what others think of a product, there’s even a review.

Africhina reflects on Chinese industry in Zambi and has photos by Thomas Lekfeldt with an essay by Lene Winther.

The Moors of Chicago was shot by Paul Octavious with an essay by Peter Orner. It focuses on a hill in Chicago throughout different seasons and is accompanied by a short fictional text.

The third story, the chillingly-titled, And Satan Also Came Among Them, is by a brother and sister team – Noah (photographs) and Jean Friedman-Rudovsky (text) – who report on “a disturbing story of incest and rape in a Mennonite community in Bolivia”.

So far, Jones says that 97,000 plus people have “downloaded our publication and agree that we’re onto a good thing! However, you’ll need an iPad to read the magazine”. Since its launch at the end of 2011, the iPad magazine has been profiled in Wired, TechCrunch and “has been likened to the renowned Life Magazine”. The team has also entered into a partnership with cable news channel MSNBC.

“Not bad for a group of twenty-something, straight-out-of-college, first-time entrepreneurs who raised $65,000 from friends and family to pursue our dream,” he concludes.

Happy Christmas and New Year 2012



Happy Christmas 2011 and New year 2012. I hope these adverts from the past put a smile on your face.
I took a sabbatical from parts of my life and it was difficult to go online, but now I’m back in cyberspace.
I’ll catch up this week with overdue posts.
Till then, enjoy.

See over for some more un-PC gems from the past golden ages of advertising when it was cool to be what is now uncool.
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Photo News – British Journal of Photography launches new iPad app

The British Journal of Photography is launching its iPad app tomorrow – for free, at least for now – and ahead of its launch I got a chance to test drive the Autumn issue. These are my thoughts and initial impressions, having downloaded and played with it for around an hour yesterday on a friend’s iPad.

I am not an iPad user, so I was getting used to the various sweeps, scrolls and swipes required to browse pages, bring up other menus and access specifics articles and images. This meant that it probably took me longer to do everything than a regular iPad user. With this caveat in mind, these are my thoughts.

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