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Keep Photofusion Moving: support the crowdfunding campaign now

Anthony Carr, Big Bar Lake Ranch Revisited, 2014

Anthony Carr, Big Bar Lake Ranch Revisited, 2014

Today I want to point readers to a crowdfunding campaign for Photofusion photography centre in Brixton London that is very dear to my heart. To date, the campaign is currently at £28,185 of a target of £40,000 with 29 days but we still need to push for more as it’s an all-or-nothing-campaign and ends on 2 June at 16.25.

There have been 212 backers so far including renowned photographer Wolfgang Tillmans who pledged an amazing £1,500 last week. If the momentum keeps up at this rate Photofusion’s campaign should meet its target but we need to keep letting people know. So please share this post and the campaign link: Keep Photofusion Moving.

Today I’m going to Photofusion to be filmed on camera regarding why I think Photofusion is important. That’s easy to answer, particularly as I have been involved with the organisation in a variety of capacities over the last decade.

I judge the annual Hotshoe Photofusion award—now in its seventh year— and via this have supported a number of emerging photographers who are also members of Photofusion. The winners from 2010-2015 are:

Anthony Carr (2015)
Lucia Pizanni (2014)
Katerina Mudronova (2013)
Liane Lang (2012)
Chloe Sells (2011)
Odette England (2010)

Photofusion is a hub, a place to meet, to take risks, to experiment, to discuss and to create. It has a mentoring and professional programme, SELECT and has hosted numerous exhibitions by many, now well-known, photographers in the early days of their career. I have also delivered and chaired talks, have been writing for its website and use the darkroom and digital scanning facilities to create personal work.

Please spread the word, share this campaign and Keep Photofusion Moving.


Impronta series, 2103 by Lucia Pizanni, Collodion wet plates on aluminium




Photo competition judging Hotshoe/Photofusion Annual Members Photo Show Award 2010

I have had a full on week of organising day workshops on marketing and social media for freelance creatives, so there has been precious little time to blog.

However, I’ve been listening to lots of comments on the pros and cons of social media and blogs such as “Why blog”, “Who reads it, anyway”, “Isn’t it too time consuming”, “Aren’t there too many out there? “How do you get yourself heard through all the noise?” “What’s the point?”.  Thankfully, I have a reprieve as I have signed off on the most recent features on photography that I have been commissioned to write – with Christmas coming up, deadlines are brought forward – so, it’s been a bit like the proverbial buses; they all come at once.

Today I’m off to Photofusion’s second members’ exhibition, AMPS/10 to see the work as I will be announcing the winner on Thursday.  The work on show “reflects the different genres, approaches and interests from photographers within the membership scheme and is open to annual members”.

This afternoon I will get a chance to look at the work of fourteen photographers who are showing prints, “either from a recently completed series, or a project in development” and will choose a winner with my Hotshoe hat on. The winner receives the Hotshoe Photofusion Award title,  an annual subscription to the magazine, a single-page feature including profile and image in the February/March issue of the magazine, and an interview with on the Hotshoe blog.

The public will also have a chance to vote for their favourite photographer, who will receive the “AMPS/10 Public’s Choice” at the end of the exhibition. it will be interesting to see what is selected.

Keep posted for news on the competition and other photo news