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Press statement on Guy Martin and excerpt from Tim Hetherington interview Long Story Bit by Bit – Liberia Retold from Hotshoe April 2009

Thanks to Nancy Allison for this pointer to an article from the Seattle Times about Tim Hetherington.
One thing though, I’m not sure that it is entirely accurate to refer to Tim as a “war photographer”. He worked long-term on projects highlighting humanitarian issues and had an approach to documenting conflict and its repercussions that seems to extend beyond the commonly-held notion of a ‘war photographer’. In an interview I did, see excerpt from PDF to download, Tim Hetherington he touches on this. I will try and locate the entire interview and upload it as soon as I can as it covers some of these points.

From the interview, Hetherington says: “People are continually lumping things together,” he continues. “For example, people call me a ‘war photographer’ which I find quite interesting… What I have a problem with is people putting me into the photojournalist expeditionary core of someone who is moving around the world taking pictures of violence without thinking about what I am doing”.

Press statement about Guy Martin from Panos Pictures who was seriously injured. I just got this through and am posting in its entirety, my internet is limited in the desert.

For immediate release
Thursday 21st April 2011

University College Falmouth press statement:
Benghazi conflict photographer Guy Martin, University College Falmouth

Following the reports on the death of Tim Hetherington a conflict photographer who was a director and producer of the Afghan war documentary “Restrepo,” in the besieged city of Misurata, Libya, on Wednesday, and that three photographers working beside him were also wounded when they came under fire. Chris Hondros of Getty Images later died in hospital from his injuries.

One of the other two photographers who was seriously wounded is now recovering in hospital in Misurata is Guy Martin who lectures on Press & Editorial Photography at UCF. His partner Polly Fields, a former student at UCF received a Distinction for her MA in International Journalism and won one of only 5 International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Young Reporters Awards as part of her Masters is in contact with University College Falmouth with updates.

Mal Stone, Award Leader, Press & Editorial Photography has commented;

“It’s very sad to be writing to you under these circumstances. We are all very upset to hear about Tim and Chris losing their lives in Libya. Our big concern is for the well being of Guy Martin, a hugely talented young photojournalist and a very valued member of our part time staff on the BA (Hons) Press & Editorial Photography course at University College Falmouth. Guy joined our team two years ago in the early days of our young program and has been a huge influence into shaping the course into the success it has become. His knowledge of editorial, documentary and photojournalism has been a huge input to the teaching of our students about the industry and his enthusiasm to help them has given them great motivation to pursue their chosen careers. We were all looking forward to his return in early May when he was due to be back working with us after his assignments in Egypt and Libya. He is a great friend of both the staff and students and we all want to see him back with our ‘family’ here on Press & Editorial Photography. At this time our thoughts are with Guy, Polly and his family.”


Tim Hetherington photo exhibition Long Story Bit by Bit: Liberia Retold tours UK

Today’s post features a show review by Newcastle University student, Katie Lin, of Long Story Bit by Bit: Liberia Retold – an exhibition of photos by Tim Hetherington.

This time last year, HotShoe carried an interview I did with Hetherington about the same body of work. Follow this link, HotShoe April/May 2009 for an excerpt from the feature. If you are interested, there are a few back copies of this issue available from HotShoe’s main office.

© Katie Lin, photo courtesy of the photographer and Side Gallery

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Photo competitions, photo events and IPA Lucie Awards winners – Fabulous Friday Round Up

It’s the end of the week and time for another round up of upcoming shows, events and calls for work.

Lee with Fuchsias email

Lee with Fuchsias, © Neeta Madahar, photo courtesy of the artist and The National Media Museum, Bradford


  • Neeta Madahar Bradford Fellowship in Photography 2008-2009 will include a selection of work by Neeta Madahar. Ten new photographs will be on display from her recent body of work Flora “a series of highly conceptual and stylised images exploring the dynamics of portraiture within the contexts of femininity, beauty and nature”, alongside a selection from the artist’s earlier works – Sustenance (2003), Falling (video and photographs, 2005), Cosmoses (2006 – 07) and Solstice (video, 2008)”. The project, which has been in development since 2004, marks the culmination of Madahar’s tenure as the 14th Bradford Fellow in Photography (2008/09). The award is a partnership between the Museum, the University of Bradford and Bradford College. The exhibition runs from 16 October 2009 – 21 February 2010 in Gallery One at the National Media Museum, Bradford. Entry is free. On 15 October, Madahar will be a guest panellist at Mediafest, the Museum’s annual industry conference, which this year is looking at women in the media.

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