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Open call for photobooks to be displayed as part of the exhibition On Landscape #1 in London in March

Constructed Landscapes, 2013 © Dafna Talmour. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Today’s post is a heads up on an open call for (photo) books – short-run, handmade, self-published, book-dummy one offs – to be displayed in London in March during the exhibition On Landscape #1.

On Landscape #1 seeks to instigate a series of discussions, raise questions and incite debate on representations of landscape. A central element of the project will consist of an open call for self-published, handmade or short run books relating to the exhibition framework. The publications, on display throughout the exhibition, will provide a platform for wider debates around landscape whilst presenting an opportunity for emerging practitioners to showcase their work.

I will be on the book selection panel with Self Publish Be Happy founder, Bruno Ceschel.

Deadline for submissions: 3 February

Book call submission form/guidelines here.

The exhibition On Landscape #1 will take place at Guest Projects Bethnal Green London from 7-30 March 2014.

On Landscape # 1, which is the first of a series of exhibitions based on conversations between artists Minna Kantonen, Dafna Talmor ,and Emma Wieslander, aims to challenge pictorial representations of landscape. The exhibition at Guest Projects will feature photographic work by the three artists and a site-specific installation by invited artist Minna Pöllänen. The exhibition aims to engage with landscape in its widest sense by inviting theoreticians and practitioners working in the field of landscape to contribute to the show through a series of events.

On Landscape #1 Facebook Page
On Landscape #1 Crowdfunding Page