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Photo show review Simon Roberts’ Pierdom Brighton & Photofusion SALON/15 award night

Today, here are some links to work published online recently—a review of Simon Roberts‘ photo exhibition, Pierdom on at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery until 21 February.


And another post, The Big Night Out, over at Photofusion‘s website covering the Photofusion SALON/15 PV in December. I also write about my selection process, special mentions and the winner of the Hotshoe Photofusion Award 2015, Anthony Carr.



HotShoe Gallery UK opens with Jim Naughten show Re-enactors

Re-enactors inviteLife is about taking risks. And despite the economic downturn, HotShoe is adding another enterprise to its creative hub with the opening of the HotShoe Gallery, London. Its inaugural exhibition Re-enactors features the work of photographer Jim Naughten who will also be launching a book of the work at the opening.

HotShoe Gallery director Daniel Campbell Blight has this to say about the new space: “The simple way of describing HotShoe Gallery is that it will be a meeting point between the commercial and the public gallery forms. My idea here is that good commercial gallerists support their artists, selling their work and providing them with the support and money to make new work; while the curators of public galleries open their doors to everyone, and should therefore pursue a genuine interest in discussion about culture and society as a whole. I want to deliberately conflate these two things; to provide a space for the selling of work so that the artist and the gallery can survive, and use these funds to develop other activities (seminars, readings, film screenings etc.) that attempt to reinvigorate some of the frankly ridiculous discussion surrounding current art discourse.”

This “meeting point between the commercial and the public gallery forms” brings to mind The Photographers’ Gallery in London which has a public face as well as a commercial one, in terms of the Print Sales arm of the gallery. As to access to everyone, that is also to be welcomed and, hopefully, the melding of these two approaches will be of mutual benefit to all. Plus, the space will allow creatives to meet, discuss and share their work and ideas. Next week sees the opening of Jim Naughten’s show, featured in the next issue of HotShoe, which will be followed by a Christmas group show with work by Rut Blees Luxemburg, Karen Knorr and Anna Linderstam.

Re-enactors runs from 9 October to 4 December. The gallery will be open from 10-5pm, Monday to Saturday.