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Photo News – Foam for You launches short film featuring Jessica Backhaus and invites amateur photographers to contribute to Wonder Flickr group

Foam For You has launched the second in its series of short films with Jessica Backhaus giving an insight into her working practice as she explores the theme Wonder for Foam magazine. Backhaus featured in Hotshoe magazine way back in April/may 2006 with her series Jesus and the Cherries.

Jesus and the Cherries, © Jessica Backhaus

“Foam For You is an online resource which features professional photographers providing inspiration and advice for amateurs looking to improve their own work. At the core of Foam For You’s content is a series of extended films about the work of three internationally renowned artists: Michael Wolf (USA), Jessica Backhaus (GER) and Melanie Bonajo (NL).

“They have given Foam exclusive access to their working practice in three fifteen minute documentaries. They explain the thinking behind their work and, in particular, how it relates to themes taken from different issues of Foam Magazine, in which their work appeared.”

What’s more, the best ones will appear in a gallery on the Foam website and you could win a year’s subscription to Foam Magazine.

Splice Up: Film snippets edited to Lionel Ritchie’s Hello song by Matthijs Vlot

I couldn’t resist this wonderful filmic treat for all of you who didn’t receive any Bloody Valentine’s Day wishes – This is for YOU.

Hello by Lionel Ritchie never sounded this good to me. This is edited by Matthijs Vlot. Thank you – it put a smile on my face and made me laugh. It is 1 min 18 seconds long and appeared on cinema.nl/cinematv. Thanks to Brian Foreman for this share.

Hello wherever you are. Feel free to add your native language as a comment and do correct any of these that are wrong.

Hello – Halo – Hallo – Halló – ¡Hola! – hallo! – Aloha – hallå! – a lô! – C’kemi – Ola – Bonos díes – Kaixo – Dobar dan – Bon dia – Bok – Ahoj – Hej – Saluton – Terve – Salut – Selamat siang – Salve – Sveiki – Zdravo -Kia ora – Hei – Sillaw – Sain uu? – Salut – Merhaba – Sawubona

Dean Chalkley’s Young Souls premieres in London and online at 125 magazine

Dean Chalkley, known for his portraiture and music photography, aired his debut film Young Souls at The Bethnal Green Working Men’s club in London last week. And, if like me, you didn’t get along to the screening, or didn’t know about the film, I urge you to catch it online. It is under 10 mins, running at 9 mins 36 secs to be precise. I’m going to grab a cup of tea and watch it now…

Click on Young Souls to go to 125 magazine’s site where you can watch it.

If you want to read more, follow the links to Dean writing on his blog in a post Young Souls now live to view on 125 magazine. Looks like it was a fun and successful evening.

The film will also be screened alongside an exhibition of photos at the Youth Club Gallery, just off Carnaby Street in London from 22 July – 4 August.

Dean also has a show coming up at the Reading Museum titled The New Faces “depicting a group of young ‘Modernists’ from London”. It runs from 30 July – 4 September.

Videos and moving image with a dance theme – John Hicks and Magali Charrier

It’s sunny outside today and one could almost believe that spring is close by. Today I feel like some moving image themed around dance and movement so the following pieces both involve dancers, physical movement and environment, however, the style and techniques are very different.

Thanks to John Hicks and Magali Charrier, who I mentioned in an earlier post, for sending me links to their work.

Evolution (3 mins) is a short film by John Hicks featuring Marie Gabrielle Rotie with an original music score by Marc Johnston. Take a look…

Charrier has uploaded some of her initial tests carried out during the research and development period of her film 12 Sketches on the Impossibility of Being Still 2010 (8 min) which she made for her final year project at the RCA. It is written, directed and edited by Magali Charrier. Featuring Selina Papoutseli and Tom Lyall.

The film has been up for, and has won, some awards. So keep a look out for it…