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PHOTO OPPORTUNITY – In Pictures photo agency looking to take on new photographers for representation

UK - TUC protest march - Anarchists demontration cuts through central London. Photo Mike Kemp

UK – TUC protest march – Anarchists demontration cuts through central London. Photo Mike Kemp

China - Liaoning - Dalian, Russian tourists drawn to Bohai sea beaches.

China – Liaoning – Dalian, Russian tourists drawn to Bohai sea beaches. Photo Fritz Hoffmann

It makes a change to be able to post a call for photographers that could actually lead to work. If you are a professional documentary style photographer working in news, features, travel or street photography, In Pictures would very much like to hear from you.

In Pictures is an independent photo agency representing the work of documentary photographers for licensing as features and single images on a non-exclusive basis. Founded by editor/photographer Mike Kemp,with distribution via Corbis and direct through http://www.in-pictures.co.uk

Uruguay - Vichadero - Portrait of Gaucho on ranch.

Uruguay – Vichadero – Portrait of Gaucho on ranch. Photo Christopher Pillitz

Send a link to your website and a brief introduction about your work and what you do.

Please email your introduction and link to Mike Kemp:

In Pictures is interested in both London based photographers, and those who are further afield, so if you know of anyone who may also be interested, please feel free to pass on this invitation.

Rwanda - Kibileze - Narcisse prays with his family at home, Photo Stuart Freedman

Rwanda – Kibileze – Narcisse prays with his family at home

United Kingdom - London - Stamford Hill Orthodox Jewish Men

United Kingdom – London – Stamford Hill Orthodox Jewish Men. Photo Andrew Aitchison

There are some excellent photographers included in the list below, who are represented by In Pictures:

Andrew Aitchison (photo above)
Anna Kari
Barry Lewis (photo below)
Chien-Min Chung
Christopher Pillitz (photo above)
Fritz Hoffmann (photo above)
Guilhem Alandry
Jenny Matthews
Kieran Doherty
Kristian Buus
Louis Quail
Manca Juvan
Michael Amendolia
Mike Kemp (photo above)
Mimi Mollica
Paul Hackett
Phil Clarke Hill
Qilai Shen
Richard Baker
Roger Hutchings
Stuart Freedman (photo above)
Tessa Bunney

UK - Literature - British writer Will Self.

UK – Literature – British writer Will Self. Photo Barry Lewis

Unvent Photo Calendar – Stumbled Upon Photos


In the run up until the holidays, I will post some Christmassy photos that I have stumbled upon – here, there, and nowhere – taken while I have been in transit in and around the South East coast and London.

The Xmas theme is loose so expect some thinking out of the box.

For the First Day of my Un-Vent Calendar 12 December 2013, I am sharing a photo taken in what I consider to be the kindest, most neighbourly corridor I have come across in ages.

It really is a remarkable space and this Christmas card, which is from one of the neighbours on the fourth floor of a block of flats to the other neighbours, is in the spirit of giving and sharing. Such a simple gesture but such a lovely one.

Tomorrow another Stumbled Upon Un-Vented Advent Surprise.

Photo News – Call for entries to International Street Photography Award 2012 and American Society of Media Photographers portfolio reviews in New York

After a photo-filled week, today a catch up on a call for entries to an international street photography competition and an evening event dedicated to commercial portfolio reviews for members.

The International Street Photography Award, organised by the London Street Photography Festival, is calling for “exceptional international photographers that display a unique style and depth of work in the genre of street photography”. There will be an overall winner, a runner up, and 10 finalists.

The genre crosses over into portraiture, documentary and art photography. See the 2011 winners for an idea of the type of work and follow this link for a guide What is street photography? According to the organisation, street photography is: “Candid photography which captures, explores or questions contemporary society and the relationships between individuals and their surroundings.”

The international winner will receive £2,000 cash PLUS a solo exhibition in London PLUS an all-expenses paid trip to the exhibition launch and awards ceremony in London in June 2012 – total value £10,000.

Selected finalists will be exhibited in the same gallery and one image from each entrant will be showcased in a digital display.

The first 500 applicants will be automatically entered into a draw to win some fabulous prizes including: a signed print from one of the 2011 exhibitions, an Olympus PEN camera, £100 Blurb voucher, a Crumpler Muffin Top camera bag, photo-books by Magnum and Thames & Hudson.

All entrants receive a £28.95 voucher to print their own book with Blurb, which expires on 31 March 2012.

£30.00 to enter five to eight images. Participants from certain countries receive a 50% discount on the entrance fee.

05 January 2012

Go online to the LSPF website.

For an additional £15, LSPF can provide written feedback by an award judge on your submissions.

The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) New York is holding its annual commercial portfolio review for all its members during the evening of 11 October with over 30 reviewers from the photography industry. The event is free but you need to register. If you’re not a member and wish to attend can join ASMP NY as a member and then register for the event.

“ASMPNY will host approximately 100 photographers at the review. Each photographer will have an allotted time to show one body of work to each reviewer and receive feedback about the work, the presentation, style, what’s working and what to improve. Photographers can see multiple reviewers in one evening, while also making contacts for potential work. Photographers can show their portfolios in print or video format.”

This year’s reviewers include: Magnum Photos, The New York Times, Wonderful Machine, Mercury Lab, Billboard Magazine and Esquire.

Photo Stroll Four – the final bit drawn from the permanent collection of San Diego’s Museum of Photographic Arts

Finally, the conclusion of a four-part photo stroll through the various photo exhibitions, including in previous posts Streetwise, on at San Diego’s Museum of Photographic Arts. And a big thank you to John Mann from SD who kindly took me round Balboa Park, the botanical gardens and the show.

The exhibitions have various running times: Streetwise: Masters of 60’s Photography has just finished. Inside Out: Portraits from the Permanent Collection runs until 25 September, and Imagine That! is on until 29 January 2012. I recognised the name of one of the photographer’s whose work is included in the permanent collection Ruth Thorne-Thomsen. I met her carrying a large pinhole camera in 1999 on a beach in Mexico. She was taking photos in difficult conditions with her large format pinhole camera and sent me a couple of her tests when I got back from my trip. I still have them, somewhere.

To get a glimpse see over for more, but it’s no substitute for the real thing – nor should it be. Tomorrow, photo news catch up and some show openings…

All photos Miranda Gavin, 2011.

As museums and public art institutions use social media networks and third-party sites to share content, think flickr, youtube, etc, audiences are being asked to participate in various ways. With this show, San Diego’s Museum of Photographic Arts called members of the public to send in photos from the 1960s that have social meaning for them Where were you between 1960-1969?. Follow this link to the Streetwise page

And if you want, you can see more photos that have been uploaded by members of the public from their sitting-moon portrait sessions on the chair at the gallery. Follow this MOPA link for more.

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Photo Stroll Three through Streetwise: Masters of 60s Photography at the San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts

Part three of my photo stroll and a big Thank You to John Mann who kindly showed me around Balbao Park and took me to the San Diego Museum of Photo Arts. Highly recommended.

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