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Photo News: Yaakov Israel wins PHotoEspaña Descubrimientos PHE12 award

The Quest for the Man on the White Donkey, ©Yaakov Israel. Photo courtesy of the photographer.

I’m so happy to report that Israeli photographer Yaakov Israel has won the PHotoEspaña Descubrimientos (PHE12 Discoveries) 2012 Award for his series The Quest for the Man on the White Donkey. As the winner Israel will take part in PHotoEspaña 2013. The Quest for the Man on the White Donkey was the inaugural exhibition in May at Zelda Cheatle and Deborah Goldman’s new gallery Margaret Street Gallery, see images below, including one of Yaakov and his wife Maya. The work is featured in a book of the same name published by Schilt Publishing.

I first saw Israel’s work at Arles photo festival a few years ago and interviewed him for the April/May 2012 issue of Hotshoe. Excerpt from the feature I wrote in Hotshoe April/May 2012: “A quest is a specific type of journey, one that implies a search for something, and is a familiar plot device used in narratives, both visual and literary. As used in the title of Yaakov’s debut monograph, it is a concept that replaced that of the “photographic journey” as the project developed. In tandem with the idea of a quest, there is also a type of storytelling, more akin to that of a parable, flowing through the book. For Yaakov, the turning point came when he met a man on a white donkey in 2006 – four years into the project. “In the Jewish tradition, this man is supposed to be a religious prophet dressed in white robes. Whereas the man I met was a Palestinian farmer who materialized in the Judean desert in 45-degree heat. The encounter had a biblical feel to it and made me realize that I was really on a quest to explore what it means to be Israeli, and for me to live in this country. Up until then I’d just been looking, but once I understood the project – when I could write down what I was looking for – it presented itself everywhere. It didn’t matter where I was.

“Thus, Yaakov also embarks on an internal, psychological quest in his search for self-identity in a fractured and complex cultural context. “The more I worked on the project, the more I understood that it was not just about the geographical or social aspects of contemporary Israel, but also about the myths and the religions, as well as political and human aspects. It’s like I’m looking for something that only exists when I look at it,” he says. The images that are included in the book therefore are ones that represent for him “the journey and the idea of the journey simultaneously – the mental journey, the physical journey, and the idea of the quest”. Miranda Gavin

The jury of Descubrimientos PHE12 consisted of Anne McNeill, director of Impressions Gallery (Bradford, United Kingdom); Markus Schaden, editor and founder of Schaden (Germany); and Roger Szmulewicz, director of the Fifty One Fine Art Photography Gallery(Belgium).  Israel’s porfolio was presented in a review session at Centro de Arte Alcobendas of Madrid during June.

The winners of the last editions of the prize are Fernando Brito,Vanessa Winship, Alejandra Laviada, Yann Gross, Harri Palviränta, Stanislas Guigui, Vesselina Nikolaeva, Comenius Röthlisberger, Pedro Álvarez, Tanit Plana, Sophie Dubosc, Juan de la Cruz Megías, Paula Luttringer and Matías Costa.


HotShoe Gallery opens new show with Torsten Lauschmann, David Birkin and Benjamin de Burca

The third exhibition at the HotShoe Gallery featuring work by Torsten Lauschmann, David Birkin and Benjamin de Burca opens on Saturday 13 February and runs until 9 April. If you haven’t had a chance to swing by the new gallery space, then now’s the time to make a new year’s resolution and take a peek. You will also be able to buy limited edition prints.

The exhibition looks at the concept of ‘exposure’ referring both to the photographic technique of exposing light and to the idea of exposing the mind of the photographer and his subject. Lauschmann‘s work, Contemporary Gear Box, uses a slide projector to present a computer-generated image of a system of cogs. In his experimentations, with these technologies, he exposes “invisible” aspects of image making; framing, perspective, depth of space, perceivable illusions and narratives. There’s an article by Mick Peter, Science, sociability and restless optimism, in Frieze magazine in 2007 on Lauschann for those who want to know more. Benjamin de Burca, meanwhile, takes photographs of fire, at night, in the dark, and then slices them using a laser to create collages.

Finally, Birkin’s series Confessions is a result of images produced when he asked members of his family to confess a secret they had never previously revealed. When they felt ready, they opened the shutter and when finished they closed it again, so that each photograph’s exposure was determined by the duration of its subject’s confession. For the series Form, the artist photographs himself holding a ‘stress position’ – an interrogatory technique employed by military personnel to forcibly extract a confession or other information. You may be familiar with Birkin’s work, he was one of the National Media Museum bursary winners and has receive funding to complete, The Confessors, which forms part of his ongoing Confessions series. His work was also shown by Zelda Cheatle (director of the Tosca Photography Fund) at last year’s Art Insight art seminar at The Photographers’ Gallery as an emerging photographer to watch.

The show is curated by Louise Adam and continues to 9 April at HotShoe Gallery.

© David Birkin, Diptych from the series Confessions, Gelatin silver prints on Aluminium, 60″x 40″, ed. of 5 + 2AP

© Torsten Lauschmann, Contemporary Gear Box, single slide projection, dimensions variable, 2009 Image courtesy of Mary Mary Gallery Glasgow

© Benjamin De Burca, Trial by Fire, laser-cut Lambda print, 2010

Photography and the Art Market – ArtInsight panel on top sales and top tips

The Contemporary Photography Market: Trends & Opportunities seminar at The Photographers’ Gallery provided an overview of photography in the art market giving collectors, gallery owners, and anyone interested in art and photography some pointers. Hosted by Jeffrey Boloten (Managing director, ArtInsight), the panel looked at how photography has integrated itself into the market, especially considering that most contemporary galleries now also sell photographic works. There were a few facts, not all surprising, but worth noting:

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